i spy: winter white.
by victoria comment


ansel olson.

i think there’s many who love the traditional red & green christmas decor. i, for one, am not one of those people. i mean, those colors may be considered complimentary colors on the color wheel, but personally, i don’t find them complimentary at all. i am all about a white christmas, with some shimmer of gold and silver and lots of candles and twinkling lights thrown in for good measure. i spy winter white!



park st.

kelly jo.

lisa wiseman.

linda scannel.

series architects, via design boom.

jacqueline-morabito, via bodie & fou.

diem design.

west elm via digsdigs.

coctail + deluxe.


sparks modular lighting, via design milk.


25 responses to “i spy: winter white.”

  1. These are beautiful! There is something about mostly-white photographs that are captivating. I love the one with the dress by the window, and the one with the 2 people in the field.

  2. I agree with you completely. Red and green are too typical and overdone, they almost feel outdated to me if that is possible. White is much more relaxing but still very festive. I also Love that you can extend your white decor throughout the year. If you walked into someones home that had Red and Green throw pillows you would immediately think of the Holidays, where white and metallics are much more classic and flexible.

  3. Absolutely, when I think of Christmas I think white/silver with crystal accents. I’m also colour blind and have a red/green deficiency, so typical Christmas colours are all grey to me. haha

  4. Awesome! I totally agree-primary red and green are totally gross together; I didn’t like that color combination even when I was a kid. I usually end up buyin Chanukah wrapping paper because the combination of blue, white, and silver is so much prettier.

  5. well, i am going to be honest… i am one of those that likes a red+green x-mas! only on the christmas tree though. but on the other hand, i fancy a white x-mas too, or was i not a huge fan of scandinavian design… due to all its white!!! :) brilliant choices victoria! loved that first print! i wish for one of those vintage things to hold my fine art prints! :) take care! twiggs

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