wood is so good.
by victoria comment


nellies cakes, via cupcake of the day.

i’m seeing a lot of rustic wood these days. from wood grain patterns, to beamed ceilings — even cupcakes — those rustic, rough around the edges, but still very sleek, and sort of Scandinavian, wood accents are everywhere. and i’m in love with the look. i’ve always adored the look of a worn and warm wood furnishings mixed up with loads of fresh white, so i for one, am quite happy for this trend. here’s a look at wood.

the anthropologist.

Belén Imaz, via french by design.

skona hem (above and below).

spanish architectural digest, via yellowtrace.

Kjerstis Lykke, via doorsixteen.

lonny magazine (above & below).

wood serving pieces, via lonny magazine.

via digsdigs (above and below).

lonny magazine (above and below).

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  1. Wood IS so good. I’ve been fighting temptation lately to apply wood to every wall in my house. It’s just so warming and so forgiving, and when it’s a bit rough, it makes everything around it look a little more perfect in contrast. I’m especially crazy about the house in the first photo from Skona Hem!!

    p.s. This is the source for the photo from Kjerstis Lykke: http://kjerstislykke.blogspot.com/

  2. I keep collecting images of rough wood in my inspiration folder, think I’m in love ^_^
    Thanks for even more inspiration!
    xo, Eleni of My Paradissi

  3. i love this look – and want to incorporate more of it!

    anna – thank you! i meant to link to it last night, but it was late and i spaced! i’ve updated the link! :)

    is the cupcake from skona hem, too? tumbler has been down, and i had it linking to nellie’s, but i couldn’t check it!

  4. Ooh, all this wood makes me want to finally test out the little pot belly, cast iron stove my honey and I found on the curb a few months ago. But we need really, really small wood and I don’t know where to get that… :)

  5. Oh, how I love this post! Skona Hem! The pic from Spanish Arch Digest!!! I’ve loved that wallpaper in the last pic for a while. Very inspiring, I really need to make more time to look and follow these all too many wonderful blogs!

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