cycling, made stylish.
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so, you know how biking is really good for you, and for the environment, right? well there’s a new bike in town, public bikes, started by rob forbes, the same guy that started Design Within Reach, the company that brought high design to the general public. rob’s now created public — lightweight, steel framed bikes in fabulous colors, designed for city streets, along with some cute accessories, making bike culture even more stylish.

All of public bikes’ products can be picked up locally or ordered online (with 100% satisfaction guaranteed) and they can ship a bike to your door, or to your local bike store anywhere in the US. bay area locals can pick up a fully assembled public bike from their 123 South Park shop at no extra cost after they make a bike order, and they can also check out test ride locations to make an appointment. you can also visit public bikes’ blog for biking news; friend them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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  1. i LOVE LOVE their bikes and love them even more that i see that they have derailleurs on their bikes! for a while all i saw was internal hubs which are a pain to fix!… might need to look into owning the white one!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. their bikes are so cute, and well made, so it’s kind of a win-win. i’m really proud to have PUBLIC on the site. they do good things for the planet. :)

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