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hello again! i’m back, and this time i’m hanging out my dirty laundry – literally. the house that jealousy built has lovely bedrooms, a kitschy kitchen, and a fancy dining room, but none of them would look their best without fresh linens! so on that note, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get busy. grab some detergent and meet me in room no.13 – the laundry room:

1) i have always wanted a sun-filled laundry room, but on cloudy days these lovely woven lamp shades could provide the cozy glow i’m after – not to mention, they’d be fab hampers! {ana kras}  – and since this is a dream house, let’s make this room big enough to spell “laundry” in huge, vintage letters along one wall! yay! 2) {L: Old New Again} 3) {y: hindsvik}. 4) hm, looks like we might be in here for awhile, what with all of the pretend linens from all of the imaginary rooms – you’d better pull up a chair – or four {holly farrell}. ok, the first rule of laundry – separate, separate, separate! let’s start with the delicates:

5) i loooove this piece! it’s from a series titled “one sheep cardigan” in which, you guessed it, one sweater was made entirely from the wool of one sheep. there are a bunch of sweaters in this series – and some really cold sheep {christien meindertsma}. 6) sigh. a beautifully embroidered owl mask – definitely delicate {laura mckellar}. 7) how perfect is this? a lovely locket with a lovely girl folding laundry. oh, and did i mention that this is lovely illustration is drawn using human hair. yeah, that’s right, i said hair {melanie bilenker}. it’s amazing what you can find in the wash isn’t it? alright then, moving on to whites:

8) a gorgeous stack of white ceramic animals – love, love, love! {wendy walgate}  9) yes, in case you were wondering, that is a buddha statue covered completely in white rabbit fur {jason clay lewis}. 10) snip, snip, fold, fold and voila! oh who am i kidding, i have no idea how he does this {matt shlian}.  11) oops! how did that big, beautiful, inky red knot get in here? {leigh wells} phew! good think we caught it. let’s pop it in with the darks:

12) an amazing little group of hauntingly beautiful portraits – a definite must for my “darks” list {carylann loeppky}.

great! everything is separated. next step – soap!

13) now these are my kind of cleaning products! rainbow-hued ceramic containers cast from plastic detergent bottles. yes! {jet mous} so, once the washing is done, it’s time for drying. i don’t know about you, but i prefer clothes that have been hung outside in the sunshine:

14) clearly kaarina kaikkonen prefers fresh air over a dryer too! she has created these amazing installations all over the world, and last year i was lucky enough to see one in person – let’s just say, it put my clothesline to shame.

well, thanks so much for helping me. i think it went pretty well, aside from almost turning all of the whites into pinks. i promise that the next room won’t require so much work! see you then!

~ the jealous curator xo

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  1. What fabulous tangerine bottles. That orange is my favourite colour, makes cleaning fun. And I absolutely love the washing line installation too, especially the ones with all the cardies, so full of joy and fun.

  2. The rabbit called and he wants his coat back. Not cool. Not clever.

    The hair lockets are clever, however. Especially since the subject willingly surrendered her fur.

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