unexpected guests: april and may.
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today we’re dropping in with jantine, of the blog april and may, and visiting her incredibly stylish home in the Netherlands. jantine works as a stylist, and i think it shows. her home is black and white, but i find it warm all over. i love all the little touches — from the beautiful spindle-legged coffee table, to the mural of the tree in her son’s room. she’s also putting together a great new styling blog which will be up soon!

Jantine runs her own company, also called April & May, consulting with a variety of clients on all types of interior styling. she also collaborates with another stylist/friend by the name birdsintrees on self-made concepts and photography, which will also go live featuring their projects soon.

What city/neighborhood do you live in?
I live in the Netherlands in the Beemster (20 minutes from Amsterdam), which is on the UNESCO world heritage list and is a beautiful part of the Netherlands located near some bigger cities.

What is your idea of a perfect day in Beemster?
The perfect day in our town is when the weather is fine and I can enjoy our garden outside with lots of sunshine, relaxing and enjoying a nice magazine. I have a little boy who is almost one year old, so it’s also really nice to enjoy the town with him by bike and looking at the nice landscape and discovering new things. For us it is also very easy to go to a bigger city or the beach because they are all near the place we live.

Please describe your home’s personal style.
My home is modern, personal, open, loft-like and a combination of old and new. I love black & white and the colour grey. You will not find an explosion of colour in our home because I like to keep my home clean and simple. But I love to add some colour by accessories and change them often and when the season starts to change. And I can tell it changes often because I see lots of nice things in my work and like to use it in our home :)

What’s your favorite feature in your home?
I have a few. the Eames lounge chair, the fireplace, our sofa and the Ingo Maurer lamp above the dining table (see below). The Eames lounge chair is my most treasured belonging, because it is such a great and wonderful design piece. And it really gives something to your living room.

Do you have a few Favorite online shops you would share with us?
i like cosas; asos clothing; swedishness; bijzonder mooi*; the otherist; etsy; and humanoid (for clothing and they have beautiful inspiring images on their site).

What are some of your favorites websites/blogs to search for inspiration?
Bloesem, Emma’s design blog, Pinterest (my number one site for inspiration and saving all my favourite images found on the web), and all those mentioned on my blog in the blog list.

27 responses to “unexpected guests: april and may.”

  1. one of my very fav posts on here ever. speaks volumes to me as I love the serene-ness, starkness, yet overall warmth of her place. and my dogs are black & gray, so it’s just perfect!
    I just went to Art Basel & found the use of an aqua blue mixed with a deep forest green & black in many pieces of art as well as some interiors in the design district. Wish I had taken more pictures, but it was so subtle. thought of your blog!

  2. Jantine, I bow down before you. Your home is phenomenal!! Adding your blog to my reader, pronto.

    (Thank you for bringing these photos into my life, Victoria! You knew I’d be aaaaall over them, right?)

  3. JAntine, , I was wondering if you know o could tell me which is the finish used on the wooden floor of these pictures of your home. I am from argentina and love that wood look!

  4. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease reveal info on the lighting. in particular the arco/tom dixon looking thing and the copper pendant lamp. please. my but i love this beauty.

  5. Thank you all for your wonderful comments on the post about my home…It’s overwhelming :) I will answer all of your questions next week…You can also visit my blog and send me an e-mail so I can answer you directly.

    All have a very nice weekend. And Victoria thanks again for you lovely post.

  6. ohhh… I didn’t knew them! All the way from san francisco to learn about something so nearby! Great home… very dutch I guess! I spotted lots of beautiful things! I love the colors… so…. gezellig!

  7. Geweldig mooie styling!!!
    Ik ben helemaal weg van de zwart/ gouden vloerlamp bij de bank.
    Kan je me vertellen welk merk dat is ajb?
    Alvast bedankt! Groet Jeroen

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