hey deer, can you hold this a sec?
by victoria comment


meet antler&co. brought to you by some folks named Greg & Grey, they’ve been climbing through thick and thin to bring you the coolest housewares made of natural material that the world has ever known. and since members of the deer family shed their antlers every year, antler&co. decided to collect these ‘sheds’ from various sources throughout the United States and make you cool antler stuff — like hanger holder thingys, and mobiles to hang pretty pictures, and even bookshelves.

they do request that you “Please, don’t disrespect her by putting trashy romance novels atop, she’ll crumble under the ick.” they’re pretty funny these antler&co. people. you can follow their blog, too.

8 responses to “hey deer, can you hold this a sec?”

  1. Love seeing antlers used this way! Living in the mountains,we use them for everything in our Gallery/Studio for displays,hangers,window valence,all sorts of things.Customers really seem to like it too,conversation pieces.

  2. Very useful around the home. We have a water buffalo head with huge horns on our living room wall. I love to give him a Santa hat at Christmas, and right now he has a chain of silver baubles from one horn to the other.

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