You and Me, The Royal we – don’t forget this giveaway!
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You know what are really useful? Wall calendars. so handy, you just take a gander and in an instant you know what’s up, or if you’re like me, what day it is.  you and me, the royal we made a wall calendar that is useful in the time mapping sense, and aesthetically friendly. There are two versions: a handsome red and blue one, and an orange and light gray one. and, they’re giving away a calendar to one time-challenged sfgirlbybay reader.

just share with us — what’s the worst thing you ever forgot? left the kids at school? forgot to get married? left your keys in the ignition with the motor running (ahem, mom!). comment below and you’ll be entered to win the handy dandy You and Me, The Royal we wall calendar. easy. just don’t forget! we’ll announce a winner next week on twitter.

each calendar is 30″ x 44″ Hand screen printed, and comes with a groovy bulldog clip hanging system and black Pentel sign pen.

75 responses to “You and Me, The Royal we – don’t forget this giveaway!”

  1. I am rarely late or forgetful, but one time when I was traveling back from Europe, I was in London and convinced I knew what time my flight was. I got to the airport and my plan had left 3 hours before that. I was so off! The worst part – my flight from London to New York was the most abominable experience I’ve had. There were 3 toddlers running around the plane, screaming. The whole time!

  2. The worst thing i once forgot was to put the timer on the oven…i was cooking my new mugs and started to do the laundry, cleaning bathrooms, etc. ‘Till i noticed the oven was STILL on :( first time i saw a porcelaine mug BURN (well..the painting i’ve done) :(

  3. This giant calendar is a dream! Once when I was only like eight, my entire family forgot my mom’s birthday. I was just a kid, but I still have such guilt from that day. There were tears…it wasn’t pretty. These days, her birthdays rock!

  4. I’ve forgotten more than my fair share of things, but the worst is forgetting to distribute the monthly doggie medicine. Never forget the doggie meds!

  5. i am about the most time challenged person i know – my boyfriend has started telling me to be ready an hour or so before we need to be out the door if there is a time on things, and has all our friends playing along with it, but I usually remember that I have to do these things though.
    My nan always tells me of a time she went to the butchers with my mum, as a baby, in one of those BIG old, 1940’s style prams. She got all the way home and remembered she’d left her baby outside the shop. Classic.

  6. I felt so bad a few years ago when I forgot my husband’s birthday. It always lands around the beginning of the school year. My kids reminded me after school!

  7. Recently, I had tried to soften up some stale bread for the birds in my microwave, forgot to shut it off, and then had to call the fire department because I thought the house was on fire. The blaring fire trucks woke up the entire neighborhood, as many had to move their cars off our narrow street for them to get to us. Every neighbor was in our front yard after all the commotion, when the fire chief approached me and said “Madam, we are going to have to take your microwave license away”.

  8. I like the calendar,but…..I get sooo confused when the format begins with Monday. Am I old school, is it just me ??? It does make more sense to start the week on Monday,at a glance it always throws me off.
    Time is fleeting,I need a calendar to keep track of what year it is !!!!

  9. I’m not sure that I’ve ever forgotten something catastrophic… but I did recently lose track of an email invite to a post-graduate post-dissertation celebration. what made it worse is that i saw all these tweets from my friends about it and stewed thinking i hadn’t been invited. then several days later, found the email and felt like a schmuck. next time i won’t be so immature and assume the worst about things like that.

  10. Well, lately I’ve been forgetting a lot of things because I don’t have a calendar. I don’t know if it’s the worst, but it is the most recent and is bugging me as we speak. I forgot my hair dresser appointment last week and now have to wait probably a month to get a new one. (I still haven’t found the courage to call her as she’s one intimidating lady!)

  11. When I was little and my brother was even smaller, I went to buy some candy at the snack bar and forgot my little brother. Dont worry, we found him but it seemed like I was grounded for years. Was the M&Ms worth it?

  12. Once, my mother and I met friends in another town for a movie and road home with them. The next morning we couldn’t figure out where our car was – turns out we’d left it at the mall. This frightened my father very much ;)

  13. what’s the worst thing you ever forgot? well, where should i start? there are so many… i forgot meetings with friends, to picked up somebody, left keys in the house. one time i even have to change the lock. i regularly
    forget my passwort and have to write emails to the service. and these are only a few examples. hach. but sometimes it isn’t that bad – it makes me laugh as well. ;-)

  14. I forget little things – my keys, my phone, my wallet. I realize they’re missing, have a little 5 minute freak-out, and then find them in my pocket. Joy.

  15. I forgot to go to work one day — and I work in a retail shop where only one or two people usually work at a time. The owner was also scheduled to work that day and she called me because she was worried I’d gotten in car accident or something!

  16. Oh – I love this calendar. It is on my Christmas list. Anything by Oliver Jeffers and the collective You and Me, the Royal We is amazing. The map is on my list too (for my son). We have every Oliver Jeffers book (just got the newest this week). You must check them out!!! So what do I forget – pretty much everything it seems. I do manage to remember the most important things in life though. The one thing my 7 yr old will not let me live down is missing a mother’s day event at his preschool 3 yrs ago. I didn’t even know about it (so technically did not forget) but he still reminds me to this day about how I wasn’t there.

  17. Great calendar! I forgot my wedding anniversary and it was only the 2nd one! I thought you started forgetting wedding anniversaries at 20 and up years! To give myself credit, we had just had a baby…but a large wall calendar like this one definitely would have helped!

  18. I forget things often then remember just in time. BUT I did forget in high school that I’d been accepted to a prestigious business week at a conference center until the day I was to have left. Oops. Just shrugged and didn’t attend. I still try to keep everything in my head which is no good at all. A calendar would be quite handy!

  19. I forgot where I parked my car once in the parking lot of a Super Target. I came out of the store with my arms full of bags and walked towards a car that looked exactly like mine, but when I tried to unlock the door and the key wouldn’t fit I realized that this car wasn’t my car. I looked around but couldn’t see my car anywhere. So I starting walking up and down the aisles. I think I walked from one end of the lot to the other and still couldn’t find my car. Finally, I called my boyfriend (now husband) frantic thinking that my car got stolen. We were on the phone for about 5 minutes before he realized that I had taken his car. He had a good chuckle when he asked me “Honey, what car did you drive?” I couldn’t believe that the whole time I was looking for the wrong car!

  20. Have you ever forgotten your name?! Yes…at one point i forgot and put the first part of my first name with the last part of my last name…i.e. my name is Katelyn Laboon which became Kaboon! I’ve held onto it ever since!

  21. This calendar is cute, cute, cute! My worst instance of forgetfulness came the morning of my wedding. I was so concerned about making everything perfect for my special day that I mistakenly left my shoes at home. Walking down the aisle barefoot will be a fun story to tell the grandkids someday!

  22. Well, I don’t know if this counts, but one time I slept through a doctor’s appointment for insomnia. Not quite “forgetting”, but it certainly wasn’t on my mind at the time!

  23. I forget a lot of things. A quick search of my gmail with the words “I forgot” turned up hundreds of results. I was once trying to call my boyfriend after a mini-emergency, but I couldn’t remember his name to find him in my phone. In my defense, I think that was a little bit of post-traumatic stress, but still unforgivable. Luckily he forgave me. But in terms of forgetting catastrophic events… I think forgetting my dad’s 60th birthday is just about the worst thing I’ve forgotten. If I had a calendar like this I certainly couldn’t forget an event like that!

  24. I left my car door wide open with my camera and my purse in the front passenger seat while I was in my son’s school for about an hour. I have many other forgetful moments but that’s the first one that I could remember.

  25. I forget things all the time. My most recently, and memorably, I forgot to lock my bike up when I pedaled out to meet my husband and some of his work-friends for a beer. (I was distracted by my newly purchased little knog headlight, which I removed and brought in with me.) I went to leave around midnight, and there’s my old beautiful Raleigh… leaning innocently against the rack: still there after having sat unlocked on a very busy Chicago street for 2 hours on a hot summer night. So lucky!

  26. yes! worst thing i forgot was leaving my car key in the ignition with the motor running and then locking myself out so i cant get in to turn it off. this was at the mall. >.<

  27. The worst thing I ever forgot was my wallet in my car when getting dropped off at the airport to go on a business trip to Greece. I still had my passport so I boarded the plane, but showed up in Greece with no cash, no cards, and basically no way to get anywhere. I had to try and get my wallet fedex’d to me but it never made it. Luckily my mom Western Union’d some cash to me. It was horrible…

  28. Back when i was at school i learnt to play the cello. I must have been about 12 and the cello was almost bigger than me. I used to put the cello on the front seat of the bus and make my way to the back to hang out with all the boys. More than once i walked off that bus without that damn cello! Wish i had of gave more attention to the cello instead of the boys!

  29. i was super stressed at work a few years ago and in less than one week i managed to leave my phone on a ferry, forget my wallet in a restaurant, and leave my keys at home. i had my house keys and car keys on two separate chains (because this was not a new trend). the worst part was getting pulled over after going back to the restaurant i ‘thought’ i had left my house keys at. i was so distraught, the officer thought i’d been drinking and made me take a sobriety test! needless to say, i took a vacation shortly after.

  30. Last year, totally distracted by this crazy dog I was watching, I forgot the sugar in the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie! It was a huge let down to everyone, waiting and anticipating the coveted thanksgiving pie time. Everyone took a bite and it was like records scratching. I decided though that it gave us permission to put as much whipped topping on it as we wanted – which the kids thought was awesome!

  31. Not truly my story but funny enough to borrow. My dad was raised in Ireland. He was terrified of his teachers when he was a kid [he and his siblings all tell horror stories which I won’t repeat.] About a year after my mom and dad got married they went to Ireland for the first time together. They were walking in the village my dad was from and bumped into his teacher. The man said hello to my dad and asked who he was with. My dad not only forgot his bride’s name he couldn’t even sputter out the fact that she his wife. 40+ years later he still has not lived it down!

  32. on my trip to new zealand this year, i forgot my altoids box where i keep my bobby pins, barrettes, nail clippers and tweezers. it was a tough week till I could find a store!

  33. usually i’ve got it together – most of the time ;) a few years ago i forgot my mom’s birthday! i felt TERRIBLE! it was the first week of december and i was moving, super busy with school and scrambling around to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend (whose birthday is two days after my mom’s) that i totally overlooked it. my little brother even remembered and i usually am the one to remind him! needless to say i felt awful when she called me that evening wondering if i had anything to tell her. never again!

  34. Oh I’ve forgotten my keys in the ignition and left the car running for the entirety of dinner. Also, more recently, I forgot when my first day of grad school was. So I missed my first day entirely. Whoops. Luckily my professor was very understanding.

    Love your website!! xo

  35. I’ve forgotten things so many times, I’m not sure which one to pick. :P How about going to a concert an hour and a half out and forgetting the tickets at home?
    Thanks for the giveaway! The calendar looks awesome.

  36. I haven’t shared this with too many people but this give-a-way sparked my memory and I have to share:

    So, while I was studying abroad in Germany in 2008, I flew my girlfriend-at-the-time over for a quick spring break visit. I was planning on popping the question sometime while she was with me and decided to take her to Paris to do so. I had been earlier that year and saw that it really was a lovely city, perfect for getting engaged! She arrived late one afternoon and I surprised her with the train tickets. We had to get from Düsseldorf to Cologne and onto the Thalys train quite early in the morning, so there was a lot of coordination on when to wake up and what street car to take to the Hbf and then the regional train, etc. Well, of course we woke up super late, past the “safe” timed train and took a later one to the Hbf and then to Cologne. We were frantic but happy all the same. Once at Cologne Hbf my heart sank when I realized I had forgotten my passport. EFF. (Well at least it wasn’t the ring…though nearly as bad) There wasn’t enough time for us to go all the way back and make the train to France. THE TRIP IS RUINED!, I thought. After a breather, I bought a one-way ticket on a later train and boarded my now-wife on the scheduled one. I went back to get the passport, and we each rode the 4 hour train alone, after being separated for over 2 months… Well it all worked out in the end. We had 3 terrific days in Paris, she said yes (after being completely surprised and then understanding why I had been so upset with the passport fiasco) and the rest is history.

  37. The entirety of 2008 I forgot it was 2008 and wrote 2007 on anything i needed to provide the date for.
    I also forgot to turn in the final paper for class one time! luckily my teacher worked with me!

  38. I am almost always 5-15 minutes late, no matter how hard I try. It runs in the family? One time I forgot that my gramma was having a family birthday lunch for me, my alarm went off, I couldn’t remember why, so I went back to sleep. My mom called about 45 minutes into the party asking where I was. I made the hour drive home in about 45 minutes… whoops!

  39. Since September, I have arrived three hours late for a party and a full day early to another (awkward!) I also delivered four tins of fresh-baked cookies for a bake sale a week early last Friday after spending all Thursday afternoon baking with my four year old. I have finally given up completely on iCal and I need to go analog in 2011.

  40. well, i forget where my keys and phone are on a regular basis but probably the worst was while I was on a business trip and forgot my husband’s birthday. i talked to him on his birthday but never said anything. he will never let me forget…

  41. i tend to forget where i’ve placed my keys, wallet, phone and i swear i search for them in all the areas they might be commonly placed. when i do find them, they’re usually where i had already looked. i think there’s a conspiracy here and that my husband is behind it all.

  42. I forgot to come to a school competition despite the fact I was preparing for it for a few weeks with my teacher. A few hours before it started I had an appointment with my dentist and it was so painful that I just crawled to my bed and remembered the competition the next day. When I tried to explain everything to my teacher, he said “I have been working as a teacher for twenty years, but this is definitely the silliest excuse I have ever heard in my life.”

  43. Went to grab my laundry out of the dryer and came back only to discover I’d left my keys, phone, and 19 year old sister asleep inside! Knock as I might, I couldn’t wake her up (in her defense, she’d worked two 16 hour shifts in the last two days) – so I had to spend the entire night outside my own door!

  44. One of my most recent time-related snafus was mistakenly booking a red-eye flight home a day earlier than expected since the flight was right at midnight. That was a costly mistake!

  45. I once lost my phone at a friend’s BBQ. Everyone searched the place up and down. I was about to leave and just cut my losses. Just as I was leaving a dude at the party rushes up the stairs with my phone. Turns out he found it in the toilet… Ooops, back pocket blunder!

  46. I forgot to put back on my engagement ring after washing hands in a public restroom – an hour later, when I remembered, it was gone. Still mourn it, and it’s ten years since.

  47. Not once, but twice I forgot my Dads car. I drove it into the city, parked, went about my business and then got the bus home. Both times it took my dad to realize the car was missing before I discovered my error.

  48. My husband and two kids and I were traveling in Melbourne, Australia and my brother and his family, en route to New Zealand, came to visit us. We took an elevator ride up to an observation deck. We all came down but we all did not leave together. We were all wrapped up in conversation and ready for our next destination. Just as we were about to step onto the Metro I screamed “Jimmy, where is Jimmy?” My brother, and I went running back and found him in line at the gift shop. He is only 7 years old! I will never ever ever forgot the horror.

  49. In my last year of high school I got my exam dates mixed up and slept right through one of my final exams! I got woken up by a call from a friend after she had finished the exam asking about my whereabouts. I jumped right out of bed without even brushing my teeth and drove right to school. The school did allow me to write the exam, but only hours after an alternate version of it was created.


  50. I consistently forget to set an alarm for the morning, sleep in, and waltz into work 30 minutes late. I think it qualifies as my worst because of the extreme frequency. Oops.

  51. I LOVE this calendar! Much needed in our home at the moment with waaay too much happening all of the time!

    So I once forgot my husband. Well he wasn’t my husband then (fortunately he still married me). We worked together and I had give him a ride to work but had to meet my mom after work and was supposed to drop him off on my way to meet her. I ended up super busy at work and was running late to leave and even walked by his desk to say bye but he wasn’t there and I thought he’d already left. I got all the way out to the highway before I realized. Also my phone was dead adn I couldn’t call him. I sped back to the office, where he was just leaving with someone else. He definitely took that a little personally…..

  52. Oh, I forget so many things…
    The cats get shut in the kitchen cabinets when I forget they’ve crawled in. I forget my own name when taken by surprise by strangers on the street! I was being carded at a bar once and forgot what year I graduated high school…the bouncer told all of the bartenders not to let me drink even though I was 22! How embarrassing. Luckily I was just with my sisters who thought it was pretty funny!

  53. The most recent story. I’m in bed, blissfully asleep when my phone rings and I decide, on a whim to answer it.
    “Are you going on the Moreton Bay trip?”
    “yes I am” I answer
    “the bus just left”
    One of my classes last semester had a three-day field trip to a marine biology research station. I was very much looking forward to this trip. And I completely forgot about it.
    “Are you close to school? I can pick you up” says the helpful TA. I pack in roughly 45 seconds. My backpack contained 3 socks, 3 pairs of shorts, and sunscreen, to get me through the weekend.

    I had forgotten when ‘August’ was.

  54. I walked uptown with my four year old daughter and nephew and my dog….we all enjoyed an ice cream and got home to enjoy a swim.
    about an hour later i realized my pooch was still waiting for us in the ice cream shop up town…ugh!! poor guy was still there looking for us inside just waiting for his lick of an ice cream…

  55. I once locked my car with the keys still in it, and had to wait for a locksmith for over an hour. That very SAME day I went to dinner with my then-boyfriend, and came back to my car to find it locked, AND RUNNING, with keys in the ignition!!! Yep! Does that top your mother?

  56. I once forgot my friend’s daughter’s name – in fact, I was sure it was something else and used the version my twisted memory created in the Christmas card that I send to her family. Gosh, it felt embarrassing when she corrected me in her email. The name is pretty simple too…

  57. During a particularly sad time in our lives my husband and I forgot our anniversary until the day after, when an anniversary card arrived in the mail from my aunt. We laughed about it. Then cried.

    Now, years later, life is good again. Oh so good.

  58. i’m extremely forgetful. if i don’t write it on my hand or put it in my phone, it will most likely be forgotten. when people ask me, “don’t let me forget such and such…” i immediately reply, “no way. i will forget to not let you forget.”

    on a similar yet different note, what’s the deal with holidays that fall on the same date, every year, and holidays that change every year? never could figure that one out…

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