you’re a superstar, you know you are.
by victoria comment


so, i am super behind on decorating for the holidays. clearly, i’m too busy blogging about the holidays to get my act together! but, i did make some progress today, all because it took me all of like ten minutes to put my modernica superstar holiday tree together, and light a few votive candles around it to create a nice glow.

i love the shadows it creates on the walls! and the other groovy thing about the superstar holiday tree is besides being a modern alternative to other faux trees, it’s also easy to store (it all comes apart like tinker toys!). available at modernica and it comes in two sizes!

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  1. Looks awesome! I can’t help but wonder, cause I know you are friends of Anna from Door sixteen,on twitter last week she was commenting that modernica copied that design of that tree from Burotree? Just wondering if you had seen it?

  2. That is so sweet Victoria. I liked seeing a glimpse of your living room too and those pretty white tulips. Your decorating style is so personal and accessible, you make it all look so easy. You’ve got such effortless style!

  3. hi pati – oooh, no, i missed anna’s post. i know there are a lot of these ‘pop-up’ trees out there right now. i will look at anna’s post!

    thanks, holly! it’s for the most part, all secondhand, or vintage. and then i add a few new things here and there.

  4. Love the tree…what a great mood it casts on the walls and room. Your style is both sophisticated and whimsical…I love it! Thank you for sharing some smart, lovely ideas:)

  5. Very cute tree. I like it. Great alternative to the big green messy ones. I have not had a tree for 4 years since I celebrate hanukkah as well, but this year I decided to buy a live little tree that kind of looks like a Christmas tree, but I can keep it as a plant all year long. Well see how it works out. I have yet to decorate it.

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