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if i didn’t know this home was from light locations, i’d guess it might perhaps belong to someone like betsey johnson, or a british pop icon like mary quaint. it’s just got that funky, bohemian edge to it, doesn’t it? i love all the well-organized, and unexpected colorful collections popping against all that white. it’s just so cheery in the midst of all this winter chill!

• update: thanks to holly, i discovered this is the home of photographer debi treloar, who recently shot holly’s new book!

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  1. What a dream space! That Hula-skirt lamp hanging in the living room has got me thinking of all kinds of DIY ideas. Thanks for sharing this– I LOVE the boho edge to it, and yes it does look very Betsy Johnson and Mary Quant! Love, love, love. Thanks Victoria!

  2. Wow. This is super inspirational. I, too, love the patchwork wallpaper, especially on the closet. Ms. Treloar, I might have to “steal” this idea for my own little home. I hope you don’t mind. :)

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