an unspoiled christmas.
by victoria comment


the antropologist is an online space for inspiring works and inspiring individuals brought to you by anthropologie. i saw this recent feature, and it made me think that this may well be the most perfect place on earth to spend christmas. it’s just so natural, and unspoiled by commercialism.

In Swedish, urnatur means “ancient nature.” It also is the name of a breathtaking retreat in southern Sweden, hand built by proprietors Håkan Strotz and Ulrika Krynitz, a forest hideaway, where visitors can stay in cabins and spend time reconnecting with nature. The landscape and lifestyle of Urnatur is peaceful and harmonious, and really one with its environment. However, to be understood it must be seen — you can watch lifestyle videos of urnatur here, and to see the complete pictorial, visit the anthropologist.

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  1. This is magical stuff as i experienced it by making a tree house in the front of my house and it really makes me feel awesome.
    What an idea?
    Awesome to say the least

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