oh, and happy, happy friday.
by victoria comment


i’m not sure where this year has gone. it’s flown by with such speed, i can barely remember what all happened. i do know that y’all have been so good to me, as you always seem to be. i am so lucky to have you as readers. you’re not snarky, you’re funny, and you’re supportive of each other, and of me. i feel grateful for that in ways you cannot know. i don’t have a family i’ve created of my very own yet, but i’ve got lovely parents, and a sweet, kind brother. i’ve got precious lucy. and some amazing friends. and i’ve got you. and this christmas that’s all the gift i need. love you guys. thank you, and have a very happy holiday. xo, v.

• photos via sfgirlbybay, *cinnamon, and harthillsouth.

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