new year, new blog.
by victoria comment


shanna murray.

well, hello everyone! welcome to 2011! i hope y’all had a swell holiday break. i’m sort of relaxed (there wasn’t all that much rest time), but nonetheless, i’m excited and recharged for a new year.

in fact, i’m planning an all new site design (yes, yet again – you know me!). i hope you will like it, and i am hoping you might share with me, what you love here, and maybe what you don’t love (be kind, but be honest). this is, after all mostly for you, as much as it is a labor of love for me. simply comment below – and feel free to be anonymous if you’re shy.

i’ve also created a quick survey, which you can fill out here (just 10 quick, mostly multiple choice questions). i’d love to hear what you think if you have a moment to share!

9 responses to “new year, new blog.”

  1. so excited for 2011 + the new design. i’m an avid silent reader + i can’t wait to see more! i love your friday links so much! my little suggestion would be to add a horizontal navigation bar on top for easier browsing.


  2. yea! can’t wait to see. i’m wanting to do the same. what host do you use? i’ve enjoyed reading your blog in 2010 and i’m excited to enjoy more in 2011.

  3. thanks so much you guys – i appreciate all the input, and the survey has been really informative and inspiring!

    i will keep the resources!

    becky – i use wordpress.

  4. forgot one “wish was different” on your blog survey and couldn’t go back and add it once i had completed taking it. i am not sure how you make this happen as i am a tech dolt, but i wish you had the feature that i could click a picture that i like and save it for my personal files. the way you have it set up is to save the entire post and i am only interested in saving maybe certain items. this is minor i realize but that is the only thing i think i would change technically. love your blog and love that the reader’s opinions are important to you!

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