blog for digs: my childhood bedroom.
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patchwork quilt, from urban outfitters.

today i’m sharing with you “My childhood bedroom was” — it’s in honor of blog for digs, a fundraiser initiated by claudia cobes of stonehouselove and Beth dotolo from Hello Splendor to raise awareness for dwell with dignity, a non-profit organization geared towards helping families escape poverty and homelessness through design.

my childhood bedroom was ever evolving, much like my decor is now. i used to stay home sick from school, just to redecorate, which drove my mum mad! the bedroom of my youth was quite mod, as it was the sixties, and my walls were plastered with film posters, 45’s and pages torn from seventeen magazine (twiggy was my idol), and some very girlie accessories. pretty typical teenage girl!

i had a pretty mod rug, something like this water color rug, from urban outfitters; the beatles’ sgt. pepper lonely hearts club band was constantly on my portable turntable, from urban outfitters; and a butch cassidy & the sundance kid movie poster graced my walls. swoon.

i had a crazy daisy pendant lamp, much like this one from oopsy girl. i also had one of those sad-eyed girl paintings — whoever thought that was a good idea?

i displayed lots and lots of flower power, like these vintage wall hangings; metal wall flowers; a case for my 45’s; and countless symbols of peace and love. it’s fun to see this all come back around!

next up in the blog for digs schedule is traveling mama. can’t wait to see her childhood bedroom! you can see the complete schedule for blog for digs here, and support dwell with dignity, here.

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  1. OMG, that was so my room, too! Those flowers!! (Mine were from Pier 1.) My bedroom curtains had orange and brown flowers on a white background, the bedspread (made by my mom) was brown cordoroy, and all of my furniture (much of it built by my dad) was painted orange! David McCallum from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was on my wall. Hahahaha! :)

  2. Oh I remember when the grocery store used to give away those sad eyed paintings with purchase points! I made my mother collect so many! I’ve been wondering whatever happened to them; probably still in my mom’s basement:)

  3. Victoria! You NEVER disappoint-this post is so great! You took me back and forced me think of those little plastic things that would convert the 45s for those record players…my sis still our 45s case too! And the music…and those sad eyes paintings…so incredibly awesome are all those memories. I can NOT thank you enough for supporting Blog for Digs. I will never forget your graciousness and willingness to help us get the word out…the response was incredible and I am so proud of our community and all the bloggers who reached out! Thank you, Victoria and may all your 2011 dreams come true, xocc…

  4. it was all my pleasure (and so fun to flashback)! i had those plastic things for 45’s everywhere!

    thank you, claudia for blogging for such a great cause. it felt good to be included!

  5. You had the bedroom I wanted in 7th grade. I desperately tried to talk my mom into a sunken bedroom, a pit! With all the mod, sort of Austin Powers trappings. Peace and Love!

  6. oh i LOVE this post! teenage bedrooms are such special places. i’d like to think mine would’ve been like yours if i’d been born in the decade i was meant for!

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