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happy new year everyone! i had a lovely holiday, and i hope you did too, but oh boy – i ate. a lot. cookies, chocolate, tarts, and please, don’t even talk about that platter of turkey with the multiple helpings of stuffing. ugh. so, as much as i’d like to lie around on the gold couches, and tree beds that i’ve put into the house that jealousy built over the past few months, i think it might be a better idea to add this, now crucial, room to my totally fictional home – room no.15 – the gym.

1) so, if i’m going to have a gym in my house, it’s gonna have to be pretty, or i’m not goin’ in! the only thing that might motivate me is an installation by san francisco’s own margaret kilgallen. 2) and just for a little extra incentive – a few of her very cool surfer girls! now, these next pieces might indicate just exactly how much chocolate i’ve consumed in the last two weeks:

3) yep, if your benches look like this, you know it’s time to hit the gym! {jeppe hein} or maybe the courts:

4) ahh, now this looks like a more forgiving place to sit! {tejo remy & rené veenhuizen}  5) bringing new meaning to the term “tennis bracelet” – and of course, I’ll need this sweet little tennis ring! love ~ love {elke munkert}. ok, sorry. enough with the bad tennis jokes – it’s time to get hydrated!

6) i have been waiting for the perfect room for one of stuart haygarth’s hanging lights, and i do believe that this is it! a water-drop shaped pendant lamp made from 1800 plastic bottles collected from england’s stansted airport, that were then tossed in a cement mixer filled with sand to give them the look of frosted glass. yeah, i know. so amazing! well, after 1800 bottles of water, we should be very well hydrated, and ready to exercise. let’s do it:

7) quick spar anyone? hm, i think these sweet red gloves are for the lovers, not the fighters {silvia steiger via design for mankind}. 8) i’m pretty sure that marcel duchamp did not intend this sculpture, titled “bicycle wheel”, for a home gym, but what the heck, let’s put it in here anyway! 9) get lonely working out by yourself? no problem – a few friends, pink uniforms, and a big bunny – voila, you’ve got yourself a team! {gavin bunner}. 10) consider adding a bit of weight to the back of your bike to burn those extra calories. ok, this might be overkill {alain delorme}. phew, i’m working up a sweat! time to cool down a bit:

11) this is one of my favorite installations ever! hand-carved, life-sized, brightly painted wooden figures taking a refreshing dip in a cool grey concrete floor. stunning {willy verginer}.

ahh yes, i’m already feeling more fit! and so, with that, i think this will be the last room in the house that jealousy built. 15 rooms in one house is a lot to take care of – that’s just too much vacuuming for one girl! thank you all so much for coming along on this artsy, albeit kinda weird, experiment in interior design.

i’m going to take a short break to focus on a few other big projects that i have on the go, and then i’ll be back on february 1st with a whole new series of entirely different posts – of course they’ll still be artsy, and i’ll still be jealous! until then, lots of love, and i’ll see you soon! (and thanks so much to victoria for giving me a place to write these posts! it’s been a dream house come true! xo)

~ the jealous curator

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  1. I LOVE this column sooo much! That installation is incredible and those bikes piled high remind me a bit of real life in Venice Beach! Happy New Year and I’m about to get some of those Love Gloves for my boxing lessons!

  2. oh boy, me too! a big, beautiful, art meets interior design book. i’m sure we could find a fabulous coffee table to put it on too! hey publishers… if you’re out there, have your people call our people ;)

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