the place i call home.
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so, last week, i held an impromptu survey on what y’all like, and don’t like about sfgirlbybay. i took what you had to say to heart, and will be implementing a ton of your thoughts on what you’d like to see more of around here, and saying farewell to what maybe you just aren’t loving.

one of the things that touched me, is that many of you said you initially tuned into sfgirlbybay to see the decorating i was doing around my own house, and my personal shots of home, and around the city. i used to share much more of that, and honestly thought you might be a bit bored by it. apparently not — so thanks! it’s fun for me, so today, i thought i’d share a few peeks at the place i call home. i hope you like it.

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  1. Yay! That’s what we love to see – lovely shots, every one! It’s not only your place, but your eye looking and framing your place that makes these peeks soooo good! Thank you!

  2. dorylyn – me too – davy jones forever! :)

    taurean – it was a great read!

    thanks everyone – i’m trying to post more of what you’ve asked for. thanks for being so kind about my space!

  3. Victoria…we love seeing your’s creative and inspiring. Thank you for the glimpse:) so fun…and of course it’s especially sweet Lucy.

    Feather & Nest

  4. I de-lurking to agree with Jan. Please come to Seattle and give my house a makeover! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. It gives me much-needed inspiration to get off my butt!

  5. thanks you guys – i’m always working on my photography!

    holly – ha! i thought you might be happy about that. thanks for the inspiration and the nudge!

  6. Thanks, I love seeing your home, it’s always so inspiring! What’s in the first photo, it looks gorgeous? Ooh, I forgot about that coffee set, I’ve been envious of that for a couple years now…

  7. Yay! I do love seeing your home, Victoria! What fun, I love all of your little piles of jewelry and photos tacked to a board, and oh my I don’t think I could ever get enough of that dark wall, it’s just luscious! xo Laura

  8. Lovely!
    I’m sorry, I didn’t do the survey, but I like what others have said – I too, love to see your home, and how your warm personality infuses your living space, and the blog. I also loved the images you posted from your Sunday in the city.
    Look forward to seeing more of them.
    Happy new year to you and your gorgeous pooch.

  9. New reader here. Love this post. Love the photos. Love your style. So glad I found your blog. Look forward to more inspiring posts to come. :-)

  10. You have a wonderful home. Thank you for sharing. I believe that posts sharing your home is much personal hence a lot of readers feel more delightful reading about it. :)

  11. I love love love when you show us your gorgeous home…it’s absolutely my favorite thing that you post. Please continue. :)

  12. Hello Victoria! Actually, I started following your blog after I read a coverage about your lovely home in Rue Magazine. I instantly fell in love with it and your great blog and since then I am a devoted follower ! :) Please, do post about your home and other things seen through your own lens, it is warm and personal, and it describes a true meaning of blogging!

  13. wow, you guys! thanks so much. you’re making my job quite easy, if all i have to do is run around the house with my camera! thanks for all the love! :)

  14. Hooray! I initially started reading your site right before my move up to SF (over three years now). I saw your survey on twitter after not reading the blog as regularly. Coming back to the blog today though, I just absolutely love how your voice just seemed to come pouring back in these last couple of posts. There’s a simple elegance to the images and posts that hooked me onto your blog initially.

  15. wow. pretty much a fabulous post from start to finish. LOVE the photos, the way you’ve curated them, the detail shots, everything. MORE MORE MORE. everything you do is brilliant victoria, but you do YOU best of all.

  16. Love this post! Yours was the very first blog I ever read and it was because of the home decor…thank you for bringing more of it back!

  17. I love your home so much. I aspire to be more like you! That will be my goal for 2011.

    Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. I am enlightened & inspired everyday.

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