lonny shares a look.
by victoria comment


the new issue of lonny is live, and it’s full of fantastic color, wonderful artwork and a stylish group of gorgeous home galleries. the art of display seems quite a prominent theme in the january/february issue, and is full of inspiring ideas for your own collections.

there are some great examples of hanging artwork, and beautiful vignettes of uncluttered, but colorful collections and home accessories. lonny continues to share some terrific inspiration and decorating ideas, in a diverse range of style and taste.

• all images courtesy of lonny.

9 responses to “lonny shares a look.”

  1. Ahhhh! This preview is killing me. I’m sitting in class and can’t read Lonny until I get home. It looks great. I’m so inspired by the bright colors mixed with stark white.

  2. i’ve been missing domino sooo much, and lonny looks like a good (and free!) substitute – thanks for making my year!

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