unexpected guests: abbey hendrickson.
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today, on unexpected guests we’re taking a little stroll down memory lane, and checking in on abbey hendrickson, artist & blogger from aesthetic outburst, and vintage etsy shop, how now design. we visited abbey way back in june 2008 and i’m always intrigued to see how (and if!) other people change up their interiors as much as i do.

abbey and her family recently moved to upstate new york, so i thought it would be fun to see how they incorporated their old furnishings in the new place, and what else they’ve added to the mix. abbey doesn’t disappoint — she has a killer eye for taking the most simple objects and making them sublime. if you weren’t with us on our last visit, you’re in for something inspiring.

Where do you live, and what are a few of your favorite things to do in your neighborhood?
I live in a small town just outside of Owego, New York, with my husband and our two kids (ages 1 and 3).  We rent the tiny house that my dad and his five siblings grew up in.  We’re homebodies, so our favorite thing to do is lure our friends and family to ‘Chez Hendrickson’ for dinner parties, particularly when the weather’s good.  I make a killer margarita.  We’re also lucky to live near the Finger Lakes, so we like to steal my parents’ VW bus and take the kiddos camping in Ithaca, NY.  I’m bound and determined to raise two little hippies.

What are your top three etsy or online handmade shops?
I’m a sucker for etsy shops with impeccable photo styling.  Here are three of my favorites:
1. Present & Correct; 2. pigeon toe ceramics; and 3. trampoline.

What’s your favorite possession?
Last summer I convinced myself that we were going to have a tornado (very weird, I know, but the sky was so green!).  I ran around the house putting possessions in a basket, but the very first thing I grabbed was a smooth green rock from a vacation that we took ninety years ago.  The second thing I grabbed?  Our children’s baby books.  We didn’t have a tornado or, I’m embarrassed to admit, a storm of any kind that day, but I was definitely surprised by the things that I piled in that basket.

What’s your favorite flea market, or secondhand find?
My favorite find ever is an old industrial cabinet with 10 drawers that we found at a school surplus sale.  It lives in our kitchen and is packed full of utensils and kitchen gadgets.

What five things can’t you live without?
I absolutely cannot live without my husband and our babies, our family and dear friends, good books, wine and my computer. oh, and apparently a green rock and a couple of baby books.

If you could go shopping with anyone in the world, who would it be?
Hands down, Keith Johnson. Does everyone say that?

What bores you to death?
If I see one more episode of Scooby Doo, I just may die.  Our three year old is obsessed and I’ll probably cave at some point today, so I had best prepare myself for certain death.  Thanks so much for inviting me, Victoria!

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  1. I’m in love with her aesthetic (ha!) to the point that I now think I need a giant vintage art piece of a daschund in my house.

    Thanks for going back for a second look, Victoria! Great job, Abbey!

  2. Thank you all SO much! You’re very sweet. :)

    Julie- we found the teepee on Amazon (it’s the Dexton Great Plains 6′). We’re all in love with it at our house.

  3. I agree with Rachel (above) that my home is missing a giant daschund on its walls after seeing Abbey’s. Wonderful home – thanks for inviting us back again!

  4. I grew up near Owego, NY (Johnson City), and I cannot believe that there is a house like THIS there. It amazes me. I am so impressed. I have one of those vintage deer, makes me feel very special. Thank you for sharing, very inspirational.

  5. oh, oh, oh, oh my God. I see so many things that I would love to find for my new apartment. The school desk is to die for!!! Abbey PLEEEEEASE when you get tired of them please e-mail me. Although I live in Portugal I manage a way of shipping, ok?

  6. Hmm, should I paint all my walls white now or later? Love this interior and all the fun colors. Definitely a happy home!

  7. Abbey – what a wonderful home! Where did you find the Susan B Anthony piece (or did you paint it)? I love it.

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