sunday in the city.
by victoria comment


in the survey i did, y’all said you missed sunday in the city, and i’ve been missing getting out and about with my camera. and i could use the challenge, so here you go, a little glimpse of some san francisco architecture – from the decayed to the perfect picket fence. you all enjoy your martin luther king jr. holiday, think kind thoughts towards your neighbors and friends, and i’ll see you back here, tomorrow.

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  1. I didn’t even realize how much I missed Sundays In the City! Little things like recognizing an alley way, seeing my old Laundry Mat make me smile. Thanks!

  2. thanks for sharing these photos. I love seeing a city that I spend a lot of time in but do not live in from a “native neighborhood” perspective….can’t wait for your next installment…

  3. oh, victoria, this is soooo nice. my boyfriend studied in SF and always says how much he liked it there. one day I wanna come visit and before that I’ll ask you to give me some useful inside information :)

  4. My daughter recently re-located from SF to So Cal, so I miss my main excuse for getting up there more. I forgot how much I loved your sunday thru the city & am soooo very happy it’s back. Being a photographer myself, it’s always interesting & fun for me to see through other people’s eyes…

  5. These photos are so amazing. I moved away from SF four years ago, and I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. These little glimpses of ‘Sunday in the City’ are so amazing and really make me yearn for the amazing time of my life I had while living there. Thank you Victoria!

  6. I love San Francisco! My last visit was in the late 80’s. I would love to buy the 1702 door photo as well as the peelie paint stairs one, if you are selling them. The photos are beautiful!

  7. I especially love the first photos, the light, the mist, the colors. It’s dreamlike. Would you sell it in your etsy shop? I’d like to buy it when I have some cash.

  8. thanks so much you guys! what a ‘welcome back’! as i said, i’ll try to do much more of these, maybe not every sunday, but a couple times a month at least.

    mimi – i can add that image to the shop, or just email me and i can order you a print – thanks!

  9. The first picture in this series is absolutely gorgeous! It really captures SF so perfectly… Will this one be for sale in your shop? OK – ignore the question… just read Mimi’s comment and your reply. :) I’ll keep an eye out for it!

  10. Great colors and light!! I especially love second and last photos! I’ve never be in SF but I wanna visit one day ;-)

    Sorry for my english, is not perfect ;-) Regards from Spain

  11. These photos make me want to go there.
    I feel like I would like living there, it seems like such a beautiful, quirky and aware city.
    I need to plan a future trip…

  12. Loving your photos SF girl! In fact love your beautiful city full stop!
    It’s year since I was there (I am from Europe but live in Australia..) but am determined to bring my family over there soon. It’s such a special place!

    Thanks for sharing.

    x Charlotta

  13. What I love about living and photographing here in SF is everyone can walk away with different pictures of the same city. There are so many wonderful ways to interpret it. I feel so lucky to live here. Hmmm, I’m guessing a couple of these are in Noe Valley.

  14. Victoria! I absolutely love your photographs of San Francisco. I’ve been following your blog for ages and just love the Sunday In The City entries. I’m visiting San Francisco in April and was just wondering if you had a blog post anywhere where you compiled all your favourite spots in the city? I want to skip all the tourist traps (which I’ve visited before) and see some of the hidden gems!

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