stairway to heaven.
by victoria comment


i love everything about this beautiful home i saw on mixr. can you imagine having a lovely staircase like this, and then having it take you along its winding steps to all of this? this 1970′s townhouse renovated by Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander, is pretty much a decor dream come true for me. i love all the white, and rustic woods with dashes of bright colors and eclectic, vintage-inspired home furnishings. yep, this is my stairway to heaven.

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  1. i shouldnt be allowed to read this blog. i want to completely transform my apartment everytime i see a new space, and then i think about it all day and its always in the back of my head. i will be dreaming of this spiral staircase all day..and look at the sunset..shut up!

    • Erin I feel the exact same way! I have bookmarked so many websites that have amazing designs to them! I to will be thinking of the spiral staircases! I love them!

  2. oh my gaaaahhhh… so so good! i’ve been trying to figure out a spot in our tiny home where we can display some old shutters. i just love ’em. i’ve yet to figure it out though. won’t stop me from trying :)

  3. You weren’t kidding – this IS a heavenly home. Beautiful on so many levels. Love those glossy white floors and the organica with some pretty brights. Thanks for posting it!

  4. There’s such a genuinely cozy atmosphere about the house, probably because it’s hard to find mass-manufactured items there, everything seems so unique and hand-made.

  5. It’s divine! I damn near gagged. Oh! On my dinner. Sorry. Came out wrong. Only it didn’t, it went down wrong. I’m off topic. I’ll shuffle along now, k? K. (But I loved it)

  6. This apartment makes me want to get out the white paint and start from scratch on my place. Love the combination of old and new– clear plastic chairs with the rustic built in wood counter for example. Lovely.

  7. This home is absolutely beautiful. The white makes all the furniture and pictures stand out and looks amazing -like an art gallery. I want a home like this..

  8. Dreck. Absolutely horrible. People don”t live in art galleries, but no matter, you could pack the whole load of ersatz crap in two hours and deliver it to your next white cubical “installation”.

  9. This is quite simply the house of my dreams! I love the mixture of old and new. I really wish I was as creative as this designer!

  10. The old is the new news! Love how the vantage furniture and decorations contrast with simple brightness to lift up the vivacity in the room! Bravo!!!

  11. OMG I love the pillows…I love those leather chairs…and I LOVE those clear chairs!!!
    Gosh. I wish I was a billionaire haha.

    thanks for the inspiration!

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