i spy: the girls guide to hunting & fishing.
by victoria comment


the selby.

nature’s calling. oh no, sorry, not that kind of nature…just the call of the wild! you see it everywhere these days, from sheepskins to antlers, to plaid and rustic wooly throws. today, i spy the girls guide to hunting & fishing (p.s. did you read that book? most entertaining!).

luke bartels.

pamela duncan silver.


amira fritz.


pottery barn.





sparrow & co.

Sköna hem.

makelike, via design public.

american apocalypse.

gallant and jones.

etsy storque.

18 responses to “i spy: the girls guide to hunting & fishing.”

  1. Well done! When I saw your title I almost fell off my chair. This was my favorite book all through senior year. (A Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing.) Of course the selection is incredible, especially that image via Pamela Duncan Smith.

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