smile for the land camera lamp.
by victoria comment


okay, this is going to be one popular lamp with you shutterbugs! check out The Polaroid Land Camera Lamp from c.e. cork lighting co. chicago-based designer dan riordan sent me a sneak peek of his latest design, and i couldn’t wait to share.

dan woke up one morning and looked across the room at a Polaroid Land Camera from his vast collection and thought,  “I think I can make a lamp out of that.” After several months of perfecting the building process he’s ready to share. for more, check out the c.e. cork lighting co. on etsy.

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  1. Actually it makes me a little sad. The same way re-purposed books do. Some things have such powerful thing-ness and purpose that they don’t really need to become something else. But that’s just me….

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