happier hipsters.
by victoria comment


the unhappy hipsters mocks the pages of dwell magazine like nobody’s business, but this dwell family looks pretty happy to me. how can an unhappy person even think of creating a sofa this cozy and comforting?

This cushioned sofa was a project German designer Christiane Högner originally made from sandbags, and is now built entirely of pillows! i love the uncluttered aesthetic and clean lines of their brussels home as well. for a complete home tour, visit dwell, and for more design inspiration from christiane, visit her website.

• Photos by Céline Clanet.

12 responses to “happier hipsters.”

  1. I love unhappy hipster, I found all those empty minimalist spaces very cold and unwelcoming. The pillow sofa does not seem comfortable at all. Looks like everything would get lost in it.
    a original Bohemian

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