i’m moving in.
by victoria comment


just try and stop me. i’m checking out the immigration laws for dogs in sweden as we speak. lucy’s gonna love it here. but seriously – look at this place! i love perusing alvehm, a site that shares apartments on the market, to see what’s for sale, and completely out of my price range, not to mention geographically challenging. nevertheless one should dream. and dream big. and, check this out – my dream sofa!

love the black & white checkerboard floors with all the fresh white cabinets, and exposed open shelving. that’s a cozy little dining nook, too. love the sweet print tablecloth in the contrast to the geometric floors. even their bloody cupboards are stylin’.

what a completely soothing bedroom, too. i mean, why would you want to even get up in the morning? i think the pale lavender and dusty pink add a warm touch to all the white. such a perfectly idyllic spot to lounge late in bed, with coffee and croissants. sigh.

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  1. lol – me too. I just downloaded a bunch of pix yesterday from some…a few above. So I won’t post now but they are fun to look at. I’m convinced if I just get the energy to clean up a bit & have maintenance paint apt. things will improve. Thanks for the post:) (They’ll love Lucy, there, I’m sure:)

  2. dreaming is good, i do it all the time. :)
    but anyways, it’s such great place! the botanical painting is particularly lovely.
    it’s quite interesting that the Swedes show the places they wanna sell like this, fully decorated.

  3. I am soo excited for you. I have always had a complete crush on all things Swedish, so I can’t wait to live vicariously through you! Squee!

    And could we talk about the gorgeousness of those white rooms. I die!

  4. So lovely! I especially love the little orange tree at the top. I have my heart set on finding a kumquat tree to put in my living room this year.

  5. My brother-in-law moved to Sweden from the states. He had every intention of getting his British Bulldog in with him. He was updated on his shots, which took a while. In the end I think what changed his mind was either the quarantine period or the lady he moved there to be with. I say, do it!

  6. Yes, disgustingly fabulous!! and I love how the curtains in the kitchen are WHITE, when I probably would have thought – color right? or black and white patterns? it is wonderful!!

  7. Makes me want to paint my entire home bright white! I have so much cream and green going on, you’d think I was opening up a uh uh green house!?! Actually I plan on having a studio built in my back yard and it will be swathed in white walls and white floors, so all of my painted/reupholstered furniture will be the spotlight…can’t wait!

  8. Oh, they make it look so easy! If I would just throw away everything perhaps I could have that kind of zen at home. Thank you for the link to that website…my new house porn for late night surfing!

  9. I can’t imagine a place I’d rather live more…wow! There’s so much character and so many interesting things to look at. Great find, Victoria!

  10. oh jeeze, i want to move here too. So beautiful! I love how they style homes for sale in Sweden, think the UK housing market could learn a LOT from this. Now want to hunt down that happiness print!

  11. Wow! Love, love, love! We painted our floor white in our living room and not one regret! Makes our little living room in our railroad apartment seem that much brighter because we have only windows at either end. Love the white!

  12. It’s gorgeous but your place is equally, if not more gorgeous. I prefer your living room with all the luscious textures. You’ve got it good. Real good.
    Just sign me,
    Feminist Nut Job

  13. Maybe we can switch? Your Sunday photos are making me yearn for San Fransisco.

    Us Swedes do love our white. I have an all white bedroom- white walls, white bedlinen, white curtains, white modern furniture. It is so calming and makes an actually cramped room seem airy.

    And to Ann Hooker- you can’t be serious?
    I guess you would consider me one of the “feminist nut jobs” because I don’t want kids to be raised in a restrictive way that only encourages skills and traits that are associated with the traditional gender roles.
    Do remember just because something is traditional, it doesn’t make it right.
    One person’s nut job is another person’s Rosa Parks…

  14. ummm, please let’s not disparage other people, or countries on my blog. people come to be inspired, not nitpick about irrelevant subjects. please keep it kind, or i will delete your comment. thanks!

    xo, v.

  15. Victoria I love your blog. I have been following it for awhile. This house is fabulous! All that white is stunning. I am tempted to paint my whole house white!

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