i spy: somewhere to sit.
by victoria comment



chairs. they’re pretty essential to everyday living. otherwise, how uncivilized we would all be – sitting around on the floor, shoving food into our mouths trying not to have it land in our laps. no gentlemen would be graciously be pulling out chairs for us, they’d just plop down on the floor and grin. i guess that’s just fine for some meals — but i have a chair obsession, so today i spy somewhere to sit. go on then, please do have a seat.

tinek home, via decor8.

ferm living.

brita sweden.

delfin & postigo.


once wed.

dottie angel.

tommy forbes.

emma’s design blog.



light locations.

11 responses to “i spy: somewhere to sit.”

  1. i really love sort of 30s inspired chairs – we still have some from my grans house which are so battered and bruised but then there’s something special about sitting on a seat for breakfast which generations of my family have breakfasted on before me xoxo

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