organica: mixed up like mad.
by victoria comment


i love this very eclectic Victorian house in Stoke Newington, in the uk. it’s full of vintage goodness, with a gorgeous garden and beautiful, natural light. it’s a very organic mix all of these Gothic-looking antiques, mirrors, and chandeliers mixed up with a mid-century modern lighting fixtures and furnishings that form a creative whole. pieces like Saarinen table and chairs, and even a bright orange egg chair thrown in with overstuffed chaise and poufs! i always admire interiors like this – you wonder who thought these pieces could work so well together? but they do!

• photos via light locations.

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  1. These are my favorite kind of spaces… a little bit modern, a little bit rugged and woody, white and airy yet also colorful.

    I just did a post on live edge coffee tables… I think one of those would look delightful in this space!

  2. I love ‘light locations’, so much gorgeous inspiration and this one you’ve found is just delicious… !
    I think a clean white backdrop and a truth to your own preferences can make any eclectic mix work. The real secret is being able to see when you have the right balance of both quantity and styles, but that comes with practice… :)

  3. Yes, I agree that the white space really helps to let everything live together. However, you’ve got to admire how brave it is to mix like this and how talented it is to make it work. I’m all over the place in my design preferences and would love to be able to accomplish a room like this!

  4. I love this and everything you post! I just moved into a new colony home apartment with white walls and hardwood floors! ill try to post a before and after on my blog!

  5. I absolutely LOVE this home! It is very much the way I imagine our eclectic taste blending together in our own home. I’ve been hoping to see someone else pull together a retro, victorian, vintage blend and this is just perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!

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