identity crisis.
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if you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know i get bored with my decor and tend to change things around. quite a lot, actually. i’ve been in this house since last april, but i barely ever sat in my living room unless guests were here. and i kind of like hanging out in smaller, cozier rooms.  so, presto-chango – i swapped the dining room for the living room. and visa-versa. and i like it!

i’ll share the new living room area soon, but in the meantime, here’s what the new dining room looks like. this, has always been a favorite room of mine, so that’s kind of what i was going for with the furnishings and accessories i had on hand, and the addition of some new pink eames shell chairs from modernica. y’all think i’m crazy, or do you like it?

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  1. I love it Victoria! Make your home work for you. My dining room became my office because that is what works for me. It’s so great that you changed your home so it fits you better. And besides you might end up dining in your new living room and living in your new dining room, so it’s all the same in the end.

  2. oh I love it! looks great v. quick question do you have any information on those two white chairs? I just picked up one that looks almost the same but is olive green. just curious to find out who made them or what time period they are from. :)

  3. thanks so much, you guys! glad you like it. it feels very airy and light to me, so i’m happy (for now). ;)

    caitlin – i’ll share next week sometime!

    nicole – i think they are knoll saarinen tulip chairs from the 50’s/60’s. i can’t remember the base name – it’s called satellite or star-based. anyone know?

  4. I love what you have done here
    You sense of style, the mixing of different textures and lines, just amazing!!!
    The pops of pink are so whimsical and add so much.

  5. beautiful room, Victoria! Your favorite room (the one you had in mind when doing the dining room) is also one I’ve had as a favorite for awhile. It’s so pretty!

  6. thanks! my mum gave me the dining room table. and the portraits are mostly from the flea market, and ’emma’ is from a shop called past perfect in san francisco.

  7. I thought your old living room couldn’t look better, but changing it for the dining room made it great! This new dining room looks so charming and worm and the best part of it is pink chair, it brings dynamic and a sense of humor.I don’t like very “serious” spaces ;) Great job, Victoria, I love it!

  8. I *love* your new dining room! Your furniture and accent pieces work so well together. We did something similar when we moved to our new place. The “dining room” was this cozy room at the back of the house with lots of windows and light. We knew we wanted to spend most of our time there, so it became our living room. And the dining area is now in a large, airy room, which is perfect for having dinner parties.

  9. My only concern is that lovely fair-colored shag carpet. I would be afraid to use that carpet in my dining room. My guests would have to eat very carefully.

  10. It looks so bright and lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing the new living room!

    Where did you get that sideboard thingee with the mirror on it? I lurve it.

  11. can die for those pink Eames….love, love, love it!!!!! Great choice!!! so sweet the white and pink chairs together… and the rug as well!!!!!

  12. fabulous decision….i think you will find both spaces used much more often now. and as an added bonus you have more room to entertain now!

    oh to be a guest sitting at the dining table with a fire in the fireplace. such heaven…

  13. love it. the mantle is beyond and the mossy branch on the table is divine. (we are cut from the same cloth. i once took every piece of furniture outside and hit the reset button on the entire place)

  14. your furniture is stunning. i hove the table and the chairs. i think it works great esp with the fireplace being in the corner. it looks beautiful.
    i have several friends who have done this in order to use the dining room as more cozy family room.

  15. I love it! I especially love the pop of pink from the chairs. I love to decorate with lots of contrasting pieces, as you did. The rustic looking, yet modern table look fab with the ultra modern chairs.

    I am dying over your glamorous tufted bench and your numerous portraits. I love collecting portraits, especially of women. Such an inspiring room!

  16. I use to do this to my sister all the time. I would change rooms with her. I would move her stuff out. Set mine up…and leave her high and dry. Bad sister.

  17. LOVE IT! You have such an easy-going style that one would feel completly relaxed after entering! I have a question: does the fireplace work? If it does, I would switch the armoire with the seating area. I love to sit next to my fireplace with tea/coffee in the morning or wine at night.

  18. anne – that’s not a back idea! the fireplace is having some issues at the moment – i need a chimney sweep to come, because it smokes a bit. thanks for the suggestion!

  19. I love it, especially those pink chairs! you are so talented with the art of design and arrangement. My first interior design boss used to move her furniture and swap rooms all the time. In fact I think it was all those years of practice that inspired her to finally open up her own interior design studio.

  20. wow…love it. I like tiny tight spaces too. I get teased about trying to shove as much furniture in one room as possible. I think it makes it cozier…my toes and knees hate me for it though. ha ha. xo

  21. Love it! Question – where did you find the bench (the one in front of the fireplace)? I’ve been looking for a tufted bench like that for ages and can’t seem to find the right one!

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