fab friday.
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oh yay it’s almost valentines day. my enthusiasm for this day knows no bounds. it never fails to remind me of the time my ex-boyfriend sent me roses to the office and added the note “eat these if you get hungry”. way to shine, passive-aggressive nut job and completely diss the gift (at a whopping 110 lbs., he always wanted me to diet). so yay, valentines day is coming. here’s about as enthused as i’m going to get. woop fab friday.

this card is super romantic, from those crazy kids at old tom foolery.

maybe i’ll write myself a love poem, via design milk; or just be lazy and get one written for me at the poetry store.

these pink organza shopping bags by artist lauren dicioccio are just the kind of roses i’d like to receive, as seen on the jealous curator.

this is just so sentimental – via reform school; maybe i’ll just stick to mixed tapes, via ferm living. i don’t mind leaving those behind – after the break-up you never wanna hear those songs again, anyway.

this cute pin is dedicated to one of my ex’s, by michelle kaffko from renegade handmade.

none of that hallmark stuff for me (they’re the folks behind this bloody holiday!). if i really cared, i might attend the Valentine’s Day Card Making Party, hosted by The Bold Italic, Of Hearty Stock and Anthem Screen Printing .

i’m going to go all out and paint my toes bright red, via the candy shop. even if nobody does see ’em.

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  1. haha! I’m happily married & love my husband to bits, but this is my attitude towards vday too. the only plus is it gives me another excuse to bake something with our kiddos & pour red sprinkles on it.

  2. Oh, I hate that story about the roses and the mean note! Of course you don’t like valentine’s day with that shiz going down. I like it, but I can get behind any holiday that features both the color pink and copious amounts of chocolate.

  3. I’m with you on the whole VD thing–it’s so overblown, a commercially pumped up day to spend money on cards, flowers, jewelry, candy… I don’t need a special day to remind me that I have no man in my life (sorry if that sounds bitter)! It’s more important to spend time throughout the year with those you love and tell them repeatedly how important they are to you :)

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