ink on paper.
by victoria comment


simon walker.

i love the clever creativity of really good graphic design. and all kinds of type. i’m working on a site redesign (be forewarned, it’s gonna be way different…i hope you like it!). anyhow, i save bits of type i like all the time, and grain edit always inspires. grain edit shares good design from all over the world, right here in our own internet backyard. here’s some fun ink on paper i found over there.

a journey around my skull.

Áron Jancsó.



Andrio Abero.

Deanne Cheuk.

herb lubalin.

Esther Aarts Illustration.

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  1. i do hope you guys like it. it WILL be much different.

    thank you, dana. i love your blog, so i appreciate your feedback. this isn’t quite the look, but gave me ideas. :)

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