it’s a Jimmy Schönning world.
by victoria comment


forget spanish as a second language – i want to learn swedish (AND DUTCH, FOR THAT MATTER) so i can read all their great SCANDINAVIAN design blogs and magazines! i was checking out vartnya hem, when i saw a room styled by swedish designer Jimmy Schönning, so off i went to google him. jimmy has a wonderful website, with some really vibrant and inspiring rooms he’s styled for publications like vtwonen, elle decor, hus&hem and sköna hem, just to name a few. so here’s a look at Jimmy Schönning’s wondrous world.

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  1. I second the desire to learn Swedish in order to read the amazing design blogs. hmmm, any Swedish speakers (and design nuts) in the Bay Area up for the challenge? :)

  2. Fortunately, I am Swedish, and whenever I look at Swedish design, I always think, “Is this a space I want to be in when it gets dark at 3pm, the outside temperature is sub-zero, and all I have for company is my coffee machine?”

    With the bright hints of pink in the top pictures, and the cozy, dark tones in the bottom, the answer is definitely yes.

  3. haha I agree with you lets forget Spanish haha…I am, by the way Spanish and would love to learn scandinavian languages so I can read as well the blogs magazines etc…sometimes I really want to know what are they talking about it, as things look so gorgeous!!

  4. Oh me, oh my!!! I’ll take a Swedish course with you and connect to my roots, as my ancestry is mostly Swedish (maiden name is Tuveson). These images are all so gorgeous, thanks for sharing and can’t wait to find out more about Jimmy Shonning!

  5. i heart the bedroom area on the 4th picture… so nice!!!! i’d love to learn swedish too almost to understand the blogs i spend my all time!!!!!

  6. I always like Scandinavian design and like you said I would love to learn their language,they have great style, magazines, blogs,etc., but for me is like lets forget english as a second language.

  7. Johnny and his stylist have a a wonderful way with bedrooms. That bed floating in the middle of a sunny loft with natural floorboards is killing me: the light, the textiles, the touches of pink and black and worn metal, the photo angle– all come together to make what has to be a huge space soo cozy and yummy.
    Yes, we all need to learn Swedish and Dutch (and Finnish and Norwegian), Googlespeak just doesn’t make the grade…
    Thanks for intoroducing us to Johnny, Victoria!Shall go and visit when I have a minute!

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