you had me at hello.
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i’m staying at my good friend photographer casey mooney’s house in palm springs this week, and thought y’all would enjoy seeing how she’s cleverly displayed some of her artwork. much like me, she has a hard time choosing what to share and where in her home, so she’s scattering her art about on these great steel picture rails from room & board, and can change them around at whim, without having to put holes in her walls. casey’s house is a mid-century modern alexander house, designed by William Krisel, and the picture rails blend in really well, as does her artwork.

anthony burrill’s work hard print, obama prez dispenser from eric rewitzer, and casey’s own antique block letterpressed outnumbered print (she’s a single mom of twins!).

william dohman’s recycled wood hello sign.

casey owns a wonderful collection of leah giberson’s prints, which look super smart displayed in the guest room of her alexander house.

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  1. Hi Victoria and Casey! Oooh I love those rails too! The walls in my place are circa 1900 and covered with old plaster that usually crumbles whenever we try to put nails or screws in it so I’m pretty much limited to displaying artwork on book shelves and dresser tops, but this could be a great solution to try. Casey has certainly done it impressively.

    Selfishly, it’s also fun to get a peek at the way she’s displayed my work! ;-)

    Have a great visit, ladies! xoxo

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