i spy: signs of spring.
by victoria comment


lobster & swan, via decor8.

spring is reportedly just around the corner, despite all this rain, sleet and snow we’ve been continuously clamored with. and, perhaps having spent some sunny days in palm springs last week, i’m definitely in the mood for sunshine. i spy some signs of spring!

dennis hopper’s lovely home, via california home + design. glicee print from 29 black street, via poppytalk handmade; pompom kit via pomtastic.

all the luck in the world.

stuart mcintyre.

alcro paint, via emma’s design blog; dottie angel; to hold, via poppytalk handmade, and designer’s guild’s oranienbaum bedding.

dottie angel.

eye of the day sconce from anthropologie; urban outfitters’ scarf strips area rug; tufted goodness via kiddet.


big eyed girl print from hemlines.

18 responses to “i spy: signs of spring.”

  1. yeee haw! Victoria! this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Jeska & Tif are my to fave’s so i am delighted by this post! and that Stuart McIntyre photo made my little heart skip a beat. thank you for the cheer-up. oxo

  2. love this post, your blog is always so inspirational! I really love the room from Stuart Mcintyre, perfect to curl up and read a book in.

  3. Victoria! you are just so bloody brilliant at what you do! i’ve been coveting those jars from Terrain and i love the towel even more. we hit the Indy farmers market here every
    Saturday with our family. it’s the most rad tradition. oxo

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