tuesday’s girl: talbots.
by victoria comment


yep, you read right, talbots. established in 1947, talbots has completely reinvented itself, with julianne moore guiding the way, stunningly photographed by mert & marcus. i don’t know whose creative vision this was, but it’s certainly a vision of loveliness, and is bound to turn some heads, if not find talbots a whole new brand of customer. julianne looks gorgeous, and the clothes and jewelry look mighty impressive as well.


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  1. Oh.My.Goodness. Bravo for them, and wow, my teenage years have come rushing back. Ms. Julianne is looking mighty spectacular in these photos!

  2. The photos are amazing, but even more amazing to me is the fact that they offer WomanPetite sizing! Not separately, but together! No longer will I have to decide between buying women’s sizes that are way too long or petite sizes that fit me everywhere except the bust and waist! Short, fat chicks like me rejoice! Thank you for sharing this. This may seriously revolutionize my shopping experience.

  3. oh! i’m with rachel e, though i’m on the tall end of the spectrum. as a person who has NEVER fit into tiny sizes at stores like j. crew, etc. it’s really exciting to see a store that carries a variety of sizes stepping up and making some REALLY EFFING PRETTY things.

  4. i know….right???

    i have been so excited to share this – but had to wait until ‘tuesday’s girl’ – argh! :)

    i agree about julianne – love her. love her on 30 rock and think she’s such a unique, beautiful woman!

  5. ohh….i saw the ads. I saw the pinterest – pins. And I headed over to my nearest Talbots. And walked away beyond happy and at least 7 new (mix/match) outfits. And on top of that they had 20% off the entire store to celebrate their new look! it was perfect!

  6. What no way, well this is an amazing turn around from a store I would never step foot in. Now I want to run there to see it all.
    Just a beautiful layout!

  7. so pretty. i’ve been seeing some of these images around lately. makes me want to check out talbots, so . . . good job advertising team!

  8. I love the new looks, but they need to remodel the stores, they look empty and stale and poorly merchandised. In addition, their staff is still the same old timers(no prejudice intended, I’m no spring chicken) and not always so helpful and friendly. Julianne looks amazing though and I have purchased recently online.

  9. Glad to see it. But I must tell all you young people :) that for years I wore black Audrey pants, black turtlenecks, & other classics from Talbots sales. I would rec’v soooooooooo many compliments & the inevitable “I can’t find that stuff anywhere in a good price where did you find?” – Um, Talbots. Silence. Weird looks. I always thought that was hilarious. They actually would not go into the store even though they loved what I’d found. Talk about hung up on ‘where/what’ label. Hmmm.

  10. I was just looking at this yesterday. Talbots has really tried to re-brand itself as more youthful over the past couple of years. I love the current collection.

  11. susan – so interesting! i think you can find good basics like audrey pants many unexpected places, and then it’s all in how you put it together, right? you probably have great style…but i agree. i’ll shop anywhere that has what i need, and fits well!

  12. Talbots has been making some lovely stuff for a few years, actually, but this is the biggest change yet–good stuff! And just a tip, they will have really fantastic end-of-season sales that go through two or three markdowns, so things will be less than half their original price. Also, I’m twenty-two, and I’ve had basics from Talbots since I was a kid-my grandma used to pick stuff up for me since they had tall sizes. Just had to throw that in there, since it seems everyone else who’s been wearing talbots for years is a bit older than me. :)

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