there’s a new diva on the block.
by victoria comment


while we were in palm springs last week we had the extreme pleasure of dropping by to visit the very fabulously talented sharon montrose for a photo shoot, for ahem, little miss lucy. y’all should have heard me squeal with excitement when sharon asked if she might photograph lucy. as you might expect my answer was something like, “ummm, hell yes!”

i was so honored, and couldn’t help but feel like one of those obnoxiously proud stage mommas. except maybe when sharon’s very patient and kind husband chased lucy around the pool trying to wrangler her for the shots. the little diva was playing coy! but, here she is, made to look quite lovely by sharon’s magic camera. if you like these, you’ll love the menagerie of other animals in sharon’s print shop. check ’em out. and thanks again sharon for such a special memento of miss lucy. i’ll treasure these.


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  1. if you get really sick of her diva attitude, you can pack her off to me! we’re used to divas around here, and we could use a white long haired one to round out the collection!

  2. Good Morning from sunny southern Manitoba! LOVE those snaps Miss Lucy..what a talent Sharon is! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. woa Lucy! what a thrill for you Victoria!! i’m over the moon for the two of you. that bed photo is a showstopper. and the one from behind is lovely shot of your litte gir too. oxo

  4. LOVE the shots!!! i’ve been a huge fan of her work for sometime now + it’s great to see lucy in such a natural + beautiful light~ would love to get some photos shot for our little pup someday~ :)

  5. thanks you guys! she was actually pretty good, but a little nervous – so not too diva-like.

    i feel so lucky to have had sharon photograph lucy – i want the one on the bed, huge for my wall! :)

  6. oh what a gorgeous lucy!!! ;) i also love to take pictures of my sweet new puppy!!!! it’s adorable!! and as they grow so fast,we better take lots of photos! ;) take care!!!!

  7. thanks again y’all. she’s my girl. :)

    tiffany – she’s a rescue dog, so i’m not sure – maybe some kind of wheaton, or tibetan terrier, or doodle. there are lots of theories. ;)

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