get this look: swedish chic.
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i love the look of this home i found on alvhem, a swedish real estate site that makes me drool with homeowner envy every time i venture over there. this home is up for sale, but since i’m not sure many of us can just pop on over and move to sweden, i thought it be fun to share a few simple, and inexpensive accessories to help get the look. these home furnishings are fairly sparse and simple, so it’s the accessories that make these rooms inviting. here’s a couple of ideas…

wanna keep warm in style? try some of these looks: ikea’s ludde gray sheepskin; spotted sheepskin from black sheep white light; and yet another option, huset’s gotland sheepskin.

get the look with ikea’s inexpensive maskros pendant lamp; and some pretty penelope wallpaper; or some of the floral options from the designers guild wallcoverings collection.

i think the someday print from yellena james echoes the print over the bed quite nicely; and cb2’s array ‘invisible’ stacking bookcase would work nicely here, as well as in the living room (up top).

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  2. Victoria, love this post. I have a real soft spot for fur rugs. I have the ikea sheepskin ones in white and drape them on the head chairs at my dining table. so elegant. love the grey one though! thanks

  3. I sooo love these international homes….from the crown molding to the fireplaces, from the small rooms to the white/brightly papered walls. One of the reasons I like watching the “House Hunters International”….so addictive!
    ps don’t let what others say hurt u, ur blog is great & I’m sure they wouldn’t like it if someone so rudely pointed out a mistake they made! Hmmmm

  4. Yay for Yellena! I discovered her in 2007 randomly searching through Etsy for wedding jewelry and have been in love with her work ever since.

  5. I’ve had that print (shown hanging above the bed) on my wishlist for months!! It’s ISO SATAKIELI and can be found here: for anyone interested in that particular print. Now that I think about it, I had better order it before it sells out… ;) Pretty home!

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