i spy: boys & their toys.
by victoria comment


travis paterson, via story.

we’ve been pretty girlie here this week, so i thought i’d share a little equal opportunity and take a peek at some art and home accessories with a maybe more masculine, and manly-man feel. can’t live with, can’t without ’em…this week, i spy boys and their toys.

love this wooley log cabin pendant lamp from anthropologie.

‘snips and snails and puppy dogs tails’….Brass & Steel Fabric Scissors from spartan; snail box from jonathan adler; animal tails, too? charming re-purposed plastic animal butt magnets from poketo.

boys and their toys – renault celebrates their 50th anniversary, via designboom; a very handsome black globe from post 27; and a vintage needlepoint boyscout, also from post 27.

sticks and stones may break my bones, but i really dig these felted wool stone stools from viva terra; and the usb sticks from oooms | dutch design.

a sleek, mean and lean look from stylist lise crawford, via emma’s design blog; and the rustic ordinal dresser from anthropologie.

wonderfully manly and colorful portrait art by neville trickett, saint verde digest.

wouldn’t mind snuggling up with this catcher in the rye sweatshirt from out of print clothing; and mmmm, the subtle scent of aftershave via, the cavalier project.

no honorable post about boys would be complete without a few beer flavored beverages…here’s to red brick blonde.

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  1. hey! that out of print site is awesome – it donates a book to an African community in need for every shirt/sweatshirt… that’s pretty rad, thanks for sharing!

    … i’m gonna have to snag myself a Slaughter House 5 t-shirt :)

  2. Hi Victoria, Wonderful post. Can I just leave this with you?

    hi again alice. i’m asking you to add your voice to those who are calling for an airlift/drop of food into northeast japan. by a non-japanese entity, if necessary. within 24 hours. it seems that the japanese government are overwhelmed and it is just heartbreaking to think that people are now starving there after all that they have been through. it has been six days since some of them have had a proper meal and those who are being fed are sharing riceballs!

    thanks if you can. it’s terrible to stand by and to feel we can do nothing to help.

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