fab friday.
by victoria comment


for japan, by alicia bock.

well, first off, i have to say, it’s not really been a fab week to say the least, nor is it in all probability a very fab friday for us. i think our thoughts are heavy with concern for japan, as well as fears for our own loved ones. natural disasters can do that to you – there’s not much we can do to avoid this to protect our families and friends (save for trying to be good to our planet). so we feel saddened for the people of japan, and kind of vulnerable and unnerved. at least i think that may be the collective feeling.

heartfish press.

thus, it’s hard to blog about ‘pretty things’ without feeling like it starts to become trite. but, it’s also my job, so it’s a weird line to cross – do i do my best to help cheer you with distractions, or help to remind us of how we might help? so today, on a not-so-fab friday, i’d like to share some more ideas from designers and artists doing their best in the only way they know how – creatively – to help out japan. proceeds from the sales of these products will all go to aid in relief efforts for japan. if you know of others please feel free to leave the links in the comments. please be well, everybody.

joshua smith designed t-shirt for the salvation army japan.

steven beckly (above) and kevin twomey (below), just two of hundreds of photographers who’ve donated their prints to life support japan, via heather elder represents.

one little bird studio.

heath ceramics online.

hilda grahnat’s prints for shop japan.

mike perry; and you have been here sometime.

pocket mirror from oktak; who doesn’t want that’s shopping tote; yes cup from koide studio; hello sandwich gift wrapping zine (via lilacmoon studio).

scout books.

Shinjuku, 6:43 by Joseph O. Holmes, via 20X200.

dlk designs.

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  1. I can’t believe it’s been a week either. Yesterday I had my Grade 4 students write Haiku poems for Japan and they almost brought me to tears. I think almost everyone is thinking of Japan today. Thanks for the post.

  2. It feels like a thousand years, seriously. Family & friends in Japan ask esp. that people pay attention to the World Food Programme. Many of us who support them have had special pleas as the need for food is huge. Also the WFP is under huge pressure to provide elsewhere & they always had help FROM Japan. Now they need to help Japan. This is unprecedented since end of WWII.

    Your links are very beautiful. Thank you, Victoria. And I’m sorry about what happened this week for you. I’m not quite sure what it was as I didn’t see it. But I saw there was some kerfluffle on Twitter. I tried to help but it seems others did help. Oof. xoxo from DC.

    PS: Lucy is so so so so pretty. I saw her “pitcher” on Sharon Montrose’s blog.

  3. Thank you so much for posting all of those wonderful, generous items and sites. I had to snap up the Salvation Army T-Shirt for my boyfriend. As a die-hard thrifter, I think he will love it! And the best part is that he will also remember and remind people of the cause every time he wears it. I think it’s good to remind people year round how necessary and important organizations like the Salvation Army are in our world!

  4. thank you so much, you guys. it’s good to know we’re not alone.

    and thank you susan – yesterday was a difficult day, but you were all so supportive!

    victory garden – i love the shirt, too and picked one up!

  5. Thanks for sharing these touching and lovely images. And thank you for introducing me to the photography of Alicia Bock. Her pieces really speak to me.

  6. I love them all, great finds as always, vic! and thank you so much for including my print, too, really appreciate it!

    your beautiful posts have been helping so many of us, thank you so much. xoxo

  7. Love this roundup.

    Something else I loved was this:

    Socks For Japan

    What I love most is that they ask you to not only send socks but also a letter with the socks. I know how we all feel about getting love and community support. Somehow I feel like the people in this amazing group could do a knockout job with pitching in on that one, you know?

  8. Thank you for saying what I imagine most bloggers and readers have been feeling in the last week. I understand the pressure to provide beautiful posts to your readers but your honesty is refreshing and I as a reader found it so comforting to hear that others are feeling what I have been feeling this last week. Also, I love that you featured so many artists that are joining forces to help in a beautiful way. I will definitely be purchasing one of the Bock prints.

  9. Thanks, Victoria. I’ve been feeling the same way and just reposted these ideas on my facebook pages. I like the ideas in the comments, too.
    Very well said.

  10. Victoria- Thank you so much for making this list (and including my prints). It warms my heart to know that so many artists and bloggers are supporting Japan. xoxo- A.

  11. The events of the past 2-3 weeks really have had such a sobering effect on the whole planet! I’m so happy to see all the efforts being made by our little creative community. People like you dear Victoria help to spread the word. Thank you for including my print…very much appreciated :) Leanda x

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