charmed, i’m sure.
by victoria comment


i’ve been eagerly awaiting the new issue of matchbook magazine, and i was excited to click on over and find the april issue online today. i love what they’re doing over there at matchbook with their field guide to a charmed life, and this issue is no exception. i especially fell in love with the feature on the very eclectic new york home of fashionista linda rodin of olio lusso skin oils. her place is full of gorgeous collectibles and right up my eccentric alley! check out the full issue of matchbook online here.

11 responses to “charmed, i’m sure.”

  1. oh yes! i just finished reading the third issue. this spread has got to be my favorite from them so far. happy day (:

    ps. i’m hosting a giveaway this month. hope you check it out!

  2. It’s a great, chic location, yet if we never, EVER saw another “Keep calm and carry on” poster, the world of interior photograhy would be a richer, more creative place. Sorry. Just had to say if after eons of overexposure.

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