pssst…a peek at pretty things to come.
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you’ve most likely been seeing quite a bit from los angeles-based photographer laure joilet as of late… from her lovely interior photographs in rue, the pages of anthology, a feature on elle decor’s design insiders’ weekly finds, and the fabulous images she features on her own beautiful blog, at home at home. laure has just moved into an echo park apartment, and i’m excited to first share a sneak peek with you, and then the whole shebang – she’ll be dropping into unexpected guests with a complete home tour very soon!

laure’s new living room even boasts an authentic frog chair (or the crapaud)! laure is half french and has some prolific artists on that side of her family, including the artistic sculpting team claude et francois xavier lalanne, who designed the frog chair and gave her one as a housewarming gift. très bon! standby more from laure to come!

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  1. Cute, quirky, and super fun! That frog chair is DEFINITELY one conversation showpiece! Imagine what fun all her guests will have in that space! Love it when interiors have a sense of humour…Looking forward to seeing the progress…Thanks for sharing!


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  2. I love the feel and look of the living room in the first photo. It’s a mixture of contemporary, rugged, and abstract living room.

    The frog chair and the carpet will be a great conversation piece with your friends and guests.

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