a girl’s best friend.
by victoria comment


dottie angel’s little olive.

there are a ton of us out there with some very loyal companions at our side…i’m referring, of course, to our trusty sidekicks, our pups. i’ve been noticing some real cuties out there, living in some mighty fine abodes, too. no dog houses for these lucky mutts. who said ‘dog is man’s best friend?’ or diamonds are a girl’s best friend’?  here’s to our real besties – dbff!

oh, and looking for some great doggie style (no pun intended), be sure to check out hazel & gertie’s san francisco boutique, christine martinez’ blog miles to style, kiss my mutt and dog milk (you might like my dog print, too). and if you’re looking for a new bestie, consider adopting from your local shelter! woof!

camilla engman’s famous morran.

anna at doorsixteen and her adorable pups bruno (the blonde) & fritz (the brunette).

sharon montrose shares her squeak at home.

abchao’s very handsome hank.

lisa congdon’s sweet & stylish wilfredo.

i love my lucy.

hijiri of heartfish’s darling maia.

more of dottie angel’s olive – look where he sleeps!

52 responses to “a girl’s best friend.”

  1. welp, this just might be my favorite post to date. i love love love all these pups! little miss olive is so very sweet sleeping in her vintage suitcase. if only i could find one big enough for our mutt :)

  2. Aww, puppy love!!!
    I just said to Jingi this morning, I could not imagine life without ya!
    I am sure every dog owner feels the same way.
    Great post Victoria!!

  3. Good Morning from sunny southern Manitoba! Thank you Victoria for the awesome post…love those little sweetiepies. Knew it was ‘Olive” before I even looked below…your Lucy is beautiful!!

  4. ohhh! little Olive was born a star! love me some Wilfredo too. your Lucy is such a true beauty, i am delighted that the two of you have found each other. my dog babies are asleep at my feet as we speak. don’t know what i’d do without them. oxo

  5. oh my gosh these are wonderful pics. I so agree! I used to be a gal with one best friend. Now, however, I have 9 of them. And they are all sweethearts. But none could fit into that adorable suitcase.


    Wonderful post!

  6. well this has just made my day! i am a proud mama indeed :) to think little olive, her thrift store blanket and natty old suitcase featured on your peachy blog Victoria, amongst such lovely furry friends, gosh what a grand moment :)

  7. so very true and sweet…my little billy is my furry soulmate…(if you want to see his cute face I have an entire category for him on my blog). great post.

  8. This is a great post! So many adorable furry buddies. My three loves are hanging out on the couch with me as usual. It’s so nice to see other creative fun ladies with cute furry friends. This brightened up my morning.

  9. I can’t stand all this cuteness. I am going to die if I don’t get my own snuggle muffin soon. Or from watching too much DogTown on Netflix. One way or the other it will be death by desire for wagging cuteness.

  10. I love seeing people’s dogs and hearing them talk about their “dbffs,” but it always makes me miss my family’s little terrier mix back home! It’s hard to get her to be still long enough for a picture, though, and she prefers a dug-out hole in the dirt to any bed, anyway. It is awful cute when you’re trying to bring her inside at night and you can’t find her because she’s so deep asleep under the bushes, though.

  11. Gorgeous! Great that you promoted adoption from shelters, Victoria. Hurrah for gorgeous shelter puppers and kittehs.
    Alicia Paulson has a gorgeous pupper, Clover Meadow, over at aliciapaulson.com
    Also, have you seen “dogs on furniture”, every Monday at desiretoinspire.net

    mwah to all the beautiful animals out there

  12. Aww so cute! My dad would never allow us to have a dog when we were growing up, and I now have a anti-dog husband! So consequently I became a cat person. I now have a severe case of pup-envy :)

  13. Loved this post and shared on my blog, too (hope you don’t mind). I’m temporarily without my pup and can’t wait to have her back!

  14. OMG!!!! I was out all day yesterday so I was just catching up your posts and awwww I was so surprised to see Maia here!!! Thank you so much for including her & thinking of her!! Your posts always make me happy, but this one, with all the other adorable friends, made me super happy :) Maia says hello to you & Lucy! xoxoxoxo

  15. What well loved pups
    so comfy and cheerful!
    Yes, rescuing a pup is the way to go.
    Easter Greetings from
    Buster in New York –currently asleep on the sofa!

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