separated at birth.
by victoria comment


y’all seemed to like my ‘separated at birth’ post, and i really enjoyed the challenge of matching images up, so i thought i’d take another go at it, and i think i’ll make this a somewhat regular feature here on sfgirlbybay. this time, i’m matching up beautiful interior images from lonny magazine with some super inspiring vintage ensembles*. would these people belong in these rooms? i think maybe they just might.

*click on the image for the original fashion image.

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  1. I gave my advanced students the challenge of designing a room from an outfit – similar idea – they are doing a great job & I plan to post the results on my blog next week. I love your pairings, it really gets the imagination going, huh?

  2. thanks so much you guys!

    you have no idea how obsessed i get over these matches – i was at it for hours. way too long, probably for one post, but it was fun!

  3. glad you like it! i’m going to make it regular post!

    tina – sadly not a hammock-written post. it was a sofa with laptop into a late night from bed post. :)

  4. i think these are my favorite posts of yours right now, you always AMAZE me with what you come up with…simply brilliant! seriously :)

  5. thank you so much, you guys. i really love new challenges, and trying to share what you might not see elsewhere, given how many design blogs are out there these days. i will keep ’em coming. :)

  6. PS can we see some fellas next – Cary Grant, Gregory Peck. Rock Hudson, Sean Connery, you get the picture ;0)

  7. Simply stunning, Victoria! How clever the concept is… you make the matches look easy, but we know what it takes– a great eye, amazing persistence at making each image “perfect” (hence the long night sitting over your laptop) and true professional know-how about design and art. It’s a post like this that make SFGB such a stand-out — unique, funny, colorful, smart. You rock! Keep ’em coming, and definitely do a series with the guys.

  8. Absolutely love these. So spot on. It’s a great decorating tool, imagining yourself as a starlet from your favorite era and plop yourself in your dream scene. Keep up the good work!

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