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i wear glasses. specifically, reading glasses because i am blind as a bat when it comes to reading delicious and well-designed tiny-type menus and writing blog posts. it’s all a blur without them. so, i try to find the cutest reading glasses i can. thankfully, there’s a lot to choose from these days. there’s a quote from writer dorothy parker that always sticks in my mind when i think about glasses…let’s challenge this, shall we?

“Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

i call poppycock. i actually feel sexy in my glasses, and maybe it’s just me, but i’d much rather capture the attention of a guy’s eyes with my brain, over my bustline. here’s to feeling sexy and smart in eyeglasses!

the fabulous carrie donovan; and warby parker’s monroe glasses. do y’all know about warby parker’s Home Try-On Program? you can select any five pairs of glasses and they’ll ship them to you for free. You’ll have five days to try out the frames, ask your favorite fashionistas for second opinions, and pick your favorite pair (or pairs if you’re like me and can’t resist). Ship them back (on warby’s parker’s dime) and place your order online. sweet, huh?

then, there’s the girls with glasses show. a whole show devoted to, yep, girls with glasses. they show you how to do it with style. and anthropologie has a great line of readers, in all sorts of stylish shapes and sizes. etsy’s i found gallery has an amazing array of vintage eye glass frames (469 pair last time i checked!). cat eyes, too…meow!

i quite like these ‘elvis costello specials’ with their matte wood grain texture finish, from indie nation; marilyn provides more proof that men do make passes at girls who wear glasses; a sweet handmade silver eyeglass necklace from morikaty; and i’m loving this small eyeglass pendant from our workshop.

this is most amusing – the nose eyeglasses holder from art akimbo. apparently, you can hang your keys on the stache, too. and, a secret stash from kitson for your best eyeglasses….you don’t wanna lose ’em, do ya?

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  1. I only wear my glasses to watch TV(I can’t read the menus without them) or when I just feel like it because they’re cute. I love them and call them my “smart glasses”, as in “Have you seen my smart glasses? I don’t know where I put them.”

    Also, that warby parker program sounds awesome!

  2. I love the look of glasses, even though my vision doesn’t require me to do so. My mom and sister both wear them, and they look wonderful, if not even more beautiful!

  3. i once heard someone say that glasses are like peacock feathers in the world of architects. i personally don’t think that it just applies to architects.

  4. What a funny little coincidence. Earlier this week I found out that I need glasses for driving and reading and things like that. It’s great with inspiration like this, as I have always seen myself as a person who really, really doesn’t look good with glasses (due to my strange nose and protuberant ears).

    Now I feel a little more prepared for my fitting next week.

  5. Glasses since 2nd grade – oh yeah! I used to be so shy about them due to the teasing when I was a kid. Love – absolutely LOVE – that they’ve been an accessory in my life now that I’m older.

  6. I love this! I wear glasses full time, not just when reading, and I’m always torn whether I absolutely hate having to wear them, or I enjoy it. I love men in glasses so I don’t see why men wouldn’t like women with them too :)

  7. love wearing my glasses until the sun comes out. Cannot cope with prescription sunglasses with the strength of my prescription. They are UGLY. Then the contacts and glam sunglasses come out! xx

  8. Thank you so much for recommending Warby Parker! I just ordered 5 pairs for home try on, cross your fingers I think at least 1! :)

  9. You know my mother used to flick that quote at me when I was 14- as if not being able to see properly was MY fault, rather than her sloppy genes. I love wearing glasses, I have done since I was 10 when I super-faked my eye exam to get them! I love men in glasses too- there’s nothing cuter than when a man puts on a pair of ‘clever specs’, it makes my day!

  10. Thank you so much for talking about warby parker! i jumped on their site and have a box of glasses to try on heading to my house. i’ve been looking for a cute pair of glasses for a great price for awhile!

    thank you!

  11. I wore glasses until I went the lasik route–Now I’m feeling excluded from something I was a part of all my life. I’m still the smart girl I always was, but now I don’t have a piece of plastic on my face that lets people assume that about me.

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