where on earth?
by victoria comment


i just love these very clever typographical maps from tüt. these prints are hand-screened on recycled paper in the United Kingdom, in two very handsome colors – a slate blue, and a pale eggshell blue. makes geography oh so much more fun! choose from the us of a, and the british isles!

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  1. I’ve been planing a relocation recently and have the us map on my brain and on my screen rather often…this map takes the cake…its awesome!!

  2. I love typography maps, but unfortunately I think orkposters.com came first. Since seeing their stuff well over a year ago, I’ve seen many copycat “originators” popping up here and there. It saddens me when people take ideas from others, especially in the design world.

  3. hannah – i am aware of ork posters, and i guess i just thought of this as an extension of their city editions. seems like a lot of work went into thinking this out, but yes ork has done an amazing job with city prints!

  4. Hey Victoria! I bought the LA Ork poster and begged them to make a London one as well (since the husband is from the UK). Finally I found this UK poster @ Bold and Noble http://boldandnoble.com/…pretty sure it’s the same one on Tut…in case any UK readers want to purchase it! It’s beautiful in person!

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