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ahh, bedtime. snuggle down, get cozy, and i’ll tell you a story. ok, one day dick and jane bought some wine and cigarettes – wait – what?! hmm, iā€™m guessing that this curated collection might give you some really, really, weird dreams – but, i can almost guarantee that they’ll be very interesting, and oh, so beautiful! bunnies sinking into oil slicks, bear-snatching UFOs, and dick and jane knee-deep into some very bad behavior:

well, let’s see what happens tonight, shall we? sleep tight, and call me in the morning! see you back here in two weeks with another one of my little collections! ~ the jealous curator xo

{1. prints ~ ceal warnants 2. mixed media ~ jennifer khoshbin 3. paintings on wood ~ dave barnes 4. mixed media paintings ~ amanda marie 5. paintings ~ amy kligman (yes, i just included amy in my rainbow collection, but her work was so perfect for this that i couldn’t control myself!)Ā  6. collage ~ valerie thai}.

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  1. I love this collection so much! My mom, who is a painter 99% of the time, made some collages with our old Dick and Jane books back in the 80’s. I have this one hanging in my house It makes me laugh every time.

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