“it list”: door sixteen
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this week’s “it list” comes my very favorite style-maker, anna dorfman of door sixteen. there ain’t nothin’ this girl can’t diy, including her much-coveted (by me, and i suspect several others) white wood floors. one of these days, i’m flying anna out here and forcing my floors on her! let’s see what greatness lies within anna’s current “it list”, shall we?

Now that the weather is starting to get just a tiny bit warmer here in New York, the number one want on my “it list” is definitely finding the time to get my outdoor space in usable order! Ever since I saw it in Domino years ago, Carin Goldberg’s Brooklyn garden has been my main source of inspiration. I can’t wait until my own row-house garden looks just as nice! When I’m out there, of course, I’ll be drinking plenty of iced coffee. I’ve been experimenting with cold-brew methods, and Bodum’s new cold press pot looks pretty handy-dandy. And where to store that iced coffee? Why, in a brand new SMEG refrigerator, that’s where! My kitchen has freestanding units, and I’d love to have a smaller fridge with sides that don’t need to be hidden. I dream about owning a SMEG.

I’ve been considering attempting to put more of an effort into my appearance lately, and this sweet Marimekko dress and a pair of earrings in my favorite raindrop shape would definitely help me to feel more ladylike. I’m sure I’d wear the dress over jeans and cover my ears with my hair, but it’s a start!

The little bathroom in my city apartment could use some freshening up. Jen Ray’s “Toro” print would look great framed in there, and a set of String shelves is exactly what I need to organize my toiletries and extra hand towels (I could actually see putting String shelves in every room. Oh, I love them so!). And speaking of towels, I reeeeally want to get my hands on some Turkish bath towels. Aside from looking beautiful, the thin fabric means they’re gentler on wet hair, and they dry very quickly even when it’s humid and warm out.

My husband and I are turning an extra bedroom into a music room (for him!), and I’d love to see this bold, bright Sven Markelius fabric stretched and hanging on the wall. I think the Flentsted mobile would be a great addition to that room, too! Alas, it’s still chilly and rainy out a lot, so I want to make sure I can get my snuggle on in style. I’ve had my eye on Nightwood’s furniture for a while now, and this chair is kind of the seat of my dreams. I have a feeling my dogs would like it too, and I’d be willing to share it with them. For deeper snuggling (or summer naps), I’d really, really, REALLY like to have Pia Wallén’s crux blanket. There really is no material item that I covet as much as this blanket, and the fact that it now comes in eco/animal-friendly cotton makes me want it even more.

get anna’s “it list”: 1. For my garden to be finished and nice, my main inspiration has been Foras Studio’s design for Carin Goldberg’s garden2. Bean Iced Coffee Maker from Bodum; 3. Black SMEG refrigerator4. Marimekko piia dress;  5. Raindrop earrings from The Angry Weather6. Toro print by Corduroy (Jen Ray); 7.String shelves in walnut/white;  8. Turkish towels from bathstyle; 9. Pythagoras fabric by Sven Markelius10. Flensted Futura mobile11. Nightwood Samurai chair; and 12. Pia Wallén’s cross blanket (now in cotton!).

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  1. I love Door Sixteen! And this “it list” feature is becoming one of my favorites. So many great ideas and products. A cold press coffee pot? Brilliant!

  2. Anna has the best taste! So many items that are also on my wish list. That Marimekko dress is amazing, I’ve already been at the shop twice trying it on…

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