Très joliet.
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i can’t bare waiting much longer to share photographer laure joliet’s new echo park apartment (i shared a sneak peek a few posts back). so today, i’m going to curb my appetite for more of her inspiration with some photograph’s from laure’s portfolio. while we wait on pins and needles for a look at laure’s new pad, here’s a look at some stylish homes laure has recently shot.

laure has also been busy shooting a behind the scenes look at emily henderson’s new hgtv show, secrets from a stylist, including a recent episode of ohjoy!’s home (above) and the boho home of the carters (below).

14 responses to “Très joliet.”

  1. Wow, I feel like I’ve been swept away in a dream of loveliness. I am going to have to go back and study out each photo now. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing these.

  2. Yay!! I love love love Laure’s work. She is incredible!!

    My home is the one with the aubergine (purple) walls! Check out my blog for some behind the scenes info about our episode:

  3. I’m drooling!

    Anyone know where to find the dining set (particularly the chairs!) in the first home? Exactly what we’re looking for!

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