separated at birth.
by victoria comment


raquel welch and the selby.

we’re sizzling up a storm here today on separated at birth! i thought it might be fun to dish up a little of hollywood’s most notoriously sexy sirens of the silver screen, paired up with some color complimentary decor. oh me-ooow!

jill st. john and lonny.

anita eckberg and the decorista.

natalie wood and living etc.

home & garden and ann margaret.

kelly werstler and marilyn monroe.

angie dickinson and design traveller.

candice bergen and kelly werstler.

50 responses to “separated at birth.”

  1. thanks you guys. i spend waaaay more time on these than is productive, so i’m glad you like them.

    candice bergen cracked me up, too.

    thanks, jeanne – and welcome!

  2. thanks so much!

    christine – a book could be difficult – getting all the hi-res images, but i enjoy doing the posts!

    rachael – perseverance super powers. or, o.c.d. :)

  3. This one might be my favorite one yet. I am absolutely LOVING this new column and find it really inspiring. My hands down favorite is Angie Dickinson. Keep ’em coming!

  4. As entertaining as your post is, your first pic with the fur is very disturbing. Granted the Raquel Welch pic is old, I can only hope your other pic is “FAKE FUN FUR.”

  5. lol. thank you, guys!

    it does take me awhile, and i get overly obsessed with it, so i’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. but a good thing that you like them! :)


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