“it list” lisa congdon.
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today’s “it list” is venturing into the colorful world of artist lisa congdon. just about everything in lisa’s world is bold and bright – from her beautiful artwork, to the way she lives her life – whether she’s putting out a new book, making art for a show, riding her bike around town, to cooking up a vegan feast with her girl clay, i’m constantly in awe as to how lisa fits so much joie de vivre into one day. this is one very happy “it list”.

I am all about clean colorful styles these days. And the brighter and bolder the color, the better! I love these modern stripe vases so much. I think I’d want one in every color. The problem would be figuring out which rooms in the house to display them. And how gorgeous are these neon pink vases?!? I just about lost my breath when I saw them. My love for bold color is complemented by my love for black and white graphic designs. That’s why I absolutely love this Raindrops Print and these awesome Marimekko for Chuck Taylors. I think I’d look pretty hip walking myself down the street in those Chucks carrying this awesome tote bag by J.Crew (who does an amazing job integrating neon colors into their clothing and accessories lines, don’t you think?).

And, I’d also be wearing this necklace (spotted last week while shopping at Prairie Collective). This hot pink hand built road bike has been on my list for some time (what a better thing for a girl who rides her bike everywhere, right?).

I’ve had this gorgeous kitchen on my mind (and my imaginary list) since I spotted it several months ago. Wouldn’t it look pretty with all my colorful vintage enamelware on those shelves? I could cook up a storm in there after my long bike rides on my pink bike. And while I’m dreaming, I might as well dream REALLY big, right? On my travel list is a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights and other sights in this beautiful country. Maybe I would even run into my hero Jonsi at a cafe where we would share a vegan meal together. Ah, that would be so very nice. Dreaming is fun.

get lisa’s “it list”: 1. Modern stripe bottle vases2. wood & stoneware vase set from ¿ADÓNDE?3. Raindrops Print from i need nice things 4. Merrimekko Chuck Taylors!;  5. This rad J.Crew Canvas overnight bag6. This randi mates necklace (actually showed it to Clay the other day!! and was like “HINT HINT”) from magpie & rye at prairie collective;  7. a hand-built road bicycle from alchemy!!  8. This beautiful Kitchen (it’s my dream kitchen!!);  9. A trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights!; and 10. meet my hero Jonsi.

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