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i love the selby. i admire the way he pokes his cameras into people’s homes, very unstyled and very candidly. whether he’s shooting a tube of their toothpaste, or what they’re making for lunch, todd selby always captures his subjects beautifully and uniquely. i thought it would be fun to run around my own place snapping photos without adjusting anything and capturing my things just as they are. plus, it’s raining (yet again) and i didn’t bring you sunday in the city this week (excuses, excuses), so here you go, sfgirlbybay, unplugged.

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  1. this is cool Victoria! thanks for being so “Selby-ish” today. love your Orla cosmetic bag & your sh** note card. Gertie has the same little Giraffe toy but she’s killed the squeaker in it :) cute post. oxo

  2. Not to shabby considering you left things as they were. I like this idea and may try to do it myself. Maybe it would give me a new perspective on my “things!”

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