“it list” emily chalmers.
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i am most excited to introduce today’s “it list” from one of my favorite stylists, the oh-so-talented miss emily chalmers. emily has written several of my favorite books, including her latest vintage modern style, and her eclectic sense of style and daring when it comes to design is something i have tried to emulate for years! her caravan shop is on my top ten list of ‘must-sees’ when in london, and so it’s not surprising a’tall that i would love her list. without further ado, emily chalmer’s lovely “it list”.

“bed-linen…Though I am (usually) perfectly happy with my mix and match vintage fabric pillowcases, sheets and blankets (yes, I still do sheets and blankets!), my wish list has to include the amazingly luxurious range by Italian specialists Society Limonta. I would combine washed linen and cotton and choose from their palette of 18 colours – bliss in bed! a lamp…I find lighting really important in my home and I like to highlight corners with interesting lamp. I would love the little Ingo Maurer Lucellino table lamp. art….One day I would like to commission a portrait of Bagpuss, the Caravan shop-cat (image via weebirdy).

a rug…I would love a couple of thick Moroccan Berber rugs to warm up my concrete floor. a trip….I’ve been meaning to visit Portland, Oregon for a while now. My brother lives in Amsterdam and we’d both like to meet out there, at the Ace Hotel. I reckon that would be fun! luggage…Smart and matching luggage always looks so sophisticated (miles away from my usual dog-eared backpack). The original collection by Globe Trotter would be my choice.”

music…I’ve got quite eclectic music taste and I love to pick up something new to introduce to my customers at Caravan. I was recently introduced to ‘Cours Lapin’ and am looking forward to acquiring their recent cd of the same name. trainers…Running around at my shop and on photo shoots I find I’m better in comfortable shoes rather than heels. I would like to customize my next pair of trainers using the Nike-ID service – there are great colours and materials to choose from! experience…I would always appreciate a good session of reflexology, anytime, any place! I find it the most amazing way to relax and feel at one with oneself. a car….My husband and I have a wonderful vintage Citroen H-van. We dream of having a Citroen DS in the drive too!”

get emily’s “it list”: 1. Society Limonta bed linens;  2. Ingo Maurer Lucellino table lamp;  3. commission a pet portrait4. Moroccan Berber rug5. a stay at the Ace Hotel6. luggage by Globe Trotter7. music by ‘Cours Lapin’8. custom Nike-ID trainer; 9. a session of reflexology10. a stylish Citroen DS.

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