i spy: that touch of turquoise.
by victoria comment


oh my dear.

it’s bright, happy and kind of funky…what’s not to like about turquoise? mind you, i don’t think i could live with large amounts of it, but some small does of turquoise as accent does a girl good. it’s strong, and positive and pops with lots of other colors, too – like orange. yum – just like eating a creamsicle poolside! this week, i spy that touch of turquoise!

a lovely vintage portrait of a pony, via the selby; and the very chic claude walnut gossip bench from jonathan adler.

styling by louise rastall.

it’s time for turquoise, via creative flats, and doe-c-doe.

berlin-based artist sarah illenberger’s apartment, via freunde von freunden.

houzz and stylist kate french via sarah kaye represents.

photographer pia ulin and houz.

houzz and lovely undergrad.

designer tobi fairly via traditional home.

holly stewart photography and trad home.

27 responses to “i spy: that touch of turquoise.”

  1. Turquoise has been and will always be one of my favorite colors. My living room and kitchenette’s color is turquoise.

    I love how this color highlights some of my home accessories.

    My next plan is to color my deck area with sea blue and mix it with turquoise. Maybe this summer perhaps?

  2. You could not have charmed me more with a better color combination. I love it. Makes me want to throw out all my greens & browns and go bright orange and turquoise.

  3. I have to agree with you! Turquoise is that kinda color that you cannot have in huge doses, but a bit of it here and there does you heaps good. Definitely uplifts the environment. x

  4. That feeling of the houzz kitchen up there pretty much embodies everything I want out of life: sunlight, peace, bliss, loveliness.

  5. Hi, just wanted to let you know I left a link to your post here on my blog. I really loved the color palette you showed today! – Marisa

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